Astroglide Pride Parade

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June is Gay Pride Month, and regardless of your sexual orientation, the Astroglide Pride Parades in Boston and San Diego are incredible parties/concerts/celebrations. When we were asked to find brand ambassadors who would like to attend, the only problem was narrowing down the options.
Aside from being ridiculous amounts of fun, it’s also an incredibly meaningful event for the gay community specifically, and it was important to us that we honor that and provide the best possible brand ambassadors. Gay pride month may be a party now, but that’s only because of the countless thousands who sacrificed their dignity and freedom to help create a world where who we love doesn’t dictate how we’re treated.
Back to the party
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 The crowds lined the streets, and while you may think you can imagine it – you can’t. The noise was incredible and the cheering the dancing, singing and the feeling of camaraderie between everyone in attendance was palpable.
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 Our team’s job was to hand out Astroglide products to people along the parade route and interact with the crowd. Handing out free stuff, and dancing at a party isn’t a tough gig, but we still like to pretend it’s work.
 It’s events like this that nobody wants to end, and we received some wonderful feedback from the client, but the comments from our team probably summed it up best.
“I had a blast at the event!”
“Thank you so much for booking me for this event! I had a great time, and everyone was so nice!”


The Handmaid’s Tale Premiere

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 The Handmaid’s Tale was a book written by the great Margaret Atwood. It told the story of a future where puritan values ruled, and women were robbed of their ability to work, learn and live freely.
Summary – not very nice.
The book is now a television show on Hulu. Created by the geniuses at MGM, it stars Elisabeth Moss, who used to be Don Draper’s secretary, Joseph Fiennes , who used to be Shakespeare, and Alexis Bledel, who was one of our two favourite Gilmore Girls.
 When MGM reached out to PUSH and asked us to help them out of the premiere party, they had some unique requests. I mean, we have provided acting talent before, but all of our promotional models are full of outgoing confidence and epic…epicness. Where could we find people to play the downtrodden women in the Handmaid’s Tale?
Then we watched the trailer and saw Elizabeth Moss be self-empowered and fearless in the face of staggering odds. We needed strong women who smirked in the face of danger, so when we opened the database we only had literally everyone to choose from.
May week 5
The four brand ambassadors were charged with memorising lines from the series and moving around the party in character. It was a clever way to bring the reality of this alternate world to light, and it allowed the people who attended premiere to identify even more with the characters.
 The client however, refused to stay in character for their review of the brand ambassadors performance –
“The BA’s were wonderful!!! They were honestly the hit of the party and did a fantastic job!!! They did everything we asked them to.”
 Not at all like the leaders in the show, but another job well done and a great series on Hulu.

The Weeknd’s Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour

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The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy, is epic. Future anthems and current hits, it’s a big shiny awesomeness cake topped with mad beats.

So yeah, we’re fans.

The Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour is the hottest ticket in town, so when we got the call asking us to help out in the VIP area, suddenly everyone in the office was pretending to be a brand ambassador. Luckily our awesome database makes sure that we only send the ideal candidate, you know, someone with the relevant skills and experience.

So we didn’t send the IT guy.

VIP room was packed with everyone who was anyone, apart from our IT guy, who is pretty great, and the champagne was flowing.

The Weekend VIP

The Weeknd took the stage and started his set. The stage was absolutely insane, lit up with neon, and there were so many glowsticks in the crowd that the whole scene looked surreal. He kicked off with the hit single Starboy, entering in a beam of light that made him look almost ethereal. That’s enough poetry, the whole thing was brilliant. He didn’t just go out to push his new album, but had a great mix with the older stuff in there as well – “Earned It,” “The Hills,” and “Can’t Feel My Face” all got a place,  and when he played Black Beatles the crowd went insane.

the weeknd 3

In the VIP, the PUSH team was doing us proud, making sure everyone was having a good time and mixing with the crowd. Happy client, happy crowd, unhappy IT guy. Two out of three ain’t bad.

The Weeknd Stage Shot of the Crowd The Concert Crowd

Fate of the Furious…Hangin’ with Vin and Michelle

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The Fate of the Furious is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2017, and it came is no surprise when we got a phone call, inviting us to hang out with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez at the film’s premiere.

Okay, came as some surprise.

In New York, while Vin and Michelle (that’s what we call them) were appearing on a morning television show, 20 push models were outside the theatre in Harlem. Their job was to excite the crowd and make sure everyone was on the brink of maniacal ecstasy when the stars arrived. The DJ played music from the movie, and PUSH models revelled in the party atmosphere which included fans, journalists and TV crews, all eager to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Vin Diesel at FOF

Pandemonium. Fast and Furious fans are an interesting bunch, and in all honesty needed very little warming up. When Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez arrived, everyone went – possibly literally – crazy. Flashbulbs, screaming fans and journalists angling for comment were just a part of the incredible atmosphere. In stark contrast, Vin and Michelle seemed relaxed, almost comfortable in their familiar role of Hollywood royalty. Likewise, the PUSH family was on their game, always in the right spot and living up to everyone’s expectations, including the client, the franchise and the managers of the premiere.

Standout performers on the day were Amber and Alexa,


Everyone agreed that they showed extraordinary poise under pressure, and far from being shaken by the bright lights, seemed almost at home like the stars they are.

Checkers & Rally’s and the A3C Hip-Hop Festival

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The A3C Hip Hop Festival is epic. With over 1,000 performers, for 5 days Atlanta becomes the centre of the hip-hop world.

Checkers and Rally’s make epic food and with nearly 800 locations, they’re an American institution.

We’re epic. With the largest talent database in North America, PUSH Agency has been involved in some of the most exciting events and promotions of recent time.

We couldn’t find the person who answered the phone when Checkers first rang us, but we assume it went something like this –

“Hello, PUSH Agency.”

“This is Checkers and Rally’s calling.”

“You guys are epic.”

“Correct. Now listen, we need to create a promotional campaign using an online system that enables peeps going to the A3C festival to get free fries.”

The guy on the phone probably had a very squeaky voice when he said, “That’s so many epic things!”

“So send some incredible promotional talent, and when people text, they can be there to hook them up.”


Having hung up the phone, the following formula was emailed around the PUSH offices –

Ch + Ra x PUSH +A3C = EP

The message was clear – 12 models were selected for each night of the festival and offered a detailed brief –

Be epic. Also get pics with Rick Ross.

Mission fricken accomplished. Check out the legendary Rick Ross’s Instagram to see shots of the PUSH talent combined with a shoutout to Checkers & Rally’s and the A3C Festival.


Most importantly, everyone had a great time, and all the clients saw tangible outcomes, including nearly 4000 guest interactions.

That’s crazy.

Our MVP’s for this event showed grace, energy and general all-round brilliance – Jennifer GDakeybria E, and Ashley D 


The reviews of the festival, promotion and interactions were incredible, both from the client, concert goers, and our team, but Rick Ross summed it up best –

“Checkers and Rally’s runs the game.”

Celsius Fuels PUSH Brand Ambassadors As They Burn Through Dozens of Demos

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Flo Rida drinks Celsius Energy Drink, so do Khloe Kardashian and Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. More importantly, we drink Celsius, for it’s low calories, fat burning properties and caffeine boost – and a good thing too, because when we got the call from Celsius asking us to create a promotional campaign involving over 200 of our incredible Brand Ambassadors, we needed all the energy we could get.


We turned to the brainy people who sit in the corner, use big words and ensure our talent database – the largest in North America – is a living breathing talent searching monster. Using Geo-Batching (which apparently means applying data science to defining where we should be assigning talent, and how many ambassadors we’d need – we formulated a plan to ensure maximum effectiveness. This involved locations around the country, including Florida, Miami and Dallas.

That was lovely, but then we had to make sure the talent had all the tools they needed when they arrived, so we created a promotional plan. We wanted to do more than just sampling; our talent are more than just pretty faces; we wanted engagement with the public, and sales to go up for our client.


Rather than just pouring drinks, PUSH Talent chatted with patrons at various location, explaining that Celsius is more than just an energy drink – it’s wide ranging endorsements speak to that – it’s a fat burning, life improving can of yum, and it helped that the PUSH team agreed –

“This product is great! I will be drinking this myself.”

Nice. And the results speak for themselves – some locations sold out of Celsius, and the engagement is ongoing! Now we’re a part of the overall marketing solution, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our MVP’s for this engagement (so far) have been Arianne MariaMichelle O., and Jose W.

#respect – great attitude, passionate and…well just generally awesome.

PUSH Hits the Road with Traveler’s Beer for Arizona Sampling Events

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In the spring and summer of 2015, The Boston Beer Company hosted the Traveler’s Beer Sampling event in Phoenix, Arizona. At this event, participants traveled to different sites that supplied various Samuel Adams Traveler’s Beers. This event was every beer lover’s dream. Three different locations were visited every day, with two hours being spent at each venue. Participants were allowed to sample beers until the product ran out, giving them the opportunity to truly enjoy the beer and overall experience.

The Boston Beer Company is the brewer of Sam Adams beer. With a focus on brewing high-quality beer using the finest ingredients from places throughout the globe, they are one of the world’s most award-winning breweries at international beer competitions. They have over 60 styles of Sam Adams beer and their family brands include Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard. The Boston Beer Company’s dedication to quality beer makes them a company that PUSH is proud to frequently work with.


PUSH has always had a strong relationship with The Boston Beer Company. For this particular event, PUSH provided ten brand ambassadors, who were stationed at every sampling location. They were responsible for pouring and distributing samples, while educating all of the participants on the different beers. They were the face of Traveler’s Beers, and their jobs were to teach about, distribute, and sell the product in order to get participants to try all of the new beers.

The Boston Beer Company’s Arizona District Manager stated, “These samplings have truly been successful in the sense of promoting the brand and engaging the customers to try the new product. We are weaning off these promotions as the brand is becoming more established, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED!” PUSH is proud to know that our brand ambassadors did such a great job promoting at this event. It was a clear success, which seems to be the outcome whenever PUSH and Boston Beer work together.

PUSH Gets the VS PINK Spring Break Noticed Through its Promotional Street Team

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Victoria’s Secret was celebrating spring break, and PUSH was right there to promote it!

Each year PINK stages one of the most highly anticipated events of the year – their Spring Break Bash. This year, Miami got hotter than usual as PUSH partnered with the ultimate global youth brand, PINK to spread word of the event through a specialized street promotion. Themed, “Spring Break Forever” the event was not just another spring break experience, but also promoted and encouraged attendees to celebrate the true spirit and essence of spring break all year long.

The Ultimate Spring Break Experience

The pool party took place on March 14, 2015 at the Surfcomber from 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM. From games, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, PINK prizes, Pop-up shops with a Limited Edition tee, special treats, along with a Pink Beauty Refresh Lounge, there was something for everyone.  Guest appearances from PINK MODELS Rachel Hilbert and Gigi Hadid added to the flirtatious, fun event.  and one that got PINK out there and noticed by the right people.  Pink was definitely the talk of Miami during spring break!

But that’s not all. The main highlight of the event was a musical performance by Cody Simpson, Australian pop heartthrob; and DJ Irie, who was nominated for a 2007 BET award and named 2005’s Best Club DJ.


The PINK Nation Culture & PUSH

For PUSH, the goal was to enhance the success of the event by creating awareness, developing enthusiasm and engaging individuals to participate in an unmatched spring break experience – a task PUSH managed to accomplish with the help of our team of professionals and brand ambassadors.

Our unrivaled approach to street team promotional campaigns begins at a grassroots level. We take the time to understand the brand, its personality and more importantly, its target market. Hitting the bull’s-eye is no easy job, but our experience in branding, marketing and special events staffing has assisted us to build traffic, and turn major brand events into unforgettable experiences.  As an event staffing company, PUSH has the experience of working with globally renowned and prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Nike, so were definitely excited to work with PINK.

PINK was no different. For years, since its establishment in 2002 by VS, PINK was aimed to connect and target the youth – aged between 15-22 years. Understanding this, we developed our promotional strategy that aggressively marketed the PINK culture, paving the way for the massive spring bash success.

PUSH Marketing and Promotions Welcomes Fresh Talent to be the Part of the Maxim 2015 team!

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Maxim, the leading men’s lifestyle magazine, recently hired PUSH Marketing and Promotions to put together a team of models for the company’s upcoming 2015 and 2016 campaign. The new Maxim team of Brand Ambassadors will represent the world-renowned magazine in high-profile events, celebrity functions, and trade shows across the country and internationally.

PUSH Marketing and Promotions has been promoting the campaign aggressively, as this is one of the best opportunities for aspiring and experienced models to make a name of themselves in the industry. The hiring is being handled by Mark Bernardini, PUSH Marketing and Promotion’s authorized licensee owner who is overseeing operations from the NY/NJ office. Casting dates were Monday April 13th and Tuesday April 14th.

So far, the casting has gained a lot of traction and appreciation from all the candidates with well over 800 models registered. The client then later narrowed the search down to about 150 models and only 25 of the top faces will be selected to represent Maxim in its upcoming national high-profile celebrity events such as Maxim Hot 100, Maxim Super Bowl 2016, Maxim Delano Pool Party, Maxim Indy 500 Party and many others. Being that the April (West Coast) casting went so well that Maxim corporate decided to see what PUSH could offer on the East Coast!

According to Jonathan Sacks, CEO at PUSH Marketing and Promotions, those candidates with previous experience of high-profile celebrity events will certainly be given priority. However, the campaign provides equal opportunity for fresh faces looking to have their shot.


Mr. Sacks also explained that to maintain the level of professionalism and marketing expertise that PUSH has always displayed, selected applicants will be provided basic training so that they can successfully represent a magazine as prestigious as MAXIM.

Mark Bernardini, manager for the Maxim Model Search also wants candidates to follow a simple signup procedure on the company’s website and later register themselves through the ‘My Opportunities’ section. The applicants are also advised to sign up for events in Los Angeles.

PUSH has already had the honor of working with internationally recognized brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, and Nike. But, being contracted as the official marketing agency for Maxim magazine is another achievement that we, at PUSH, are proud of.

If you have a natural, smart, cool, fun, outgoing nature and are based on the East Coast we encourage you to sign up for our next set of auditions in NYC on May 28 and the 29th!

PUSH Marketing & Promotions Shine at the HP Meghan Trainor Concert!

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PUSH had an absolutely fantastic time at Meghan Trainor’s ‘That Bass Tour’, which was powered by HP.Contracted by Infinity Marketing, a top of the line marketing firm has been handling the event and doing a marvelous job at it! PUSH, enrolled and trained over 40 brand ambassadors to participate in this activation. PUSH was responsible for introducing visitors to HP Kiosk models and educating them on the product. Although the tour is expected to keep rocking till March 20th, the results have been fantastic up till now!

We sent over some of the top brand ambassadors and models from the PUSH team who managed to gather the right amount of attention to HP Kiosk products. Nina Hernandez, Haylee Bay, Agnessa Widlo, Nuran Saleh and Nicole Cuniff are just some of the top 5 brand ambassadors who stood out of the 40 responsible for interacting with all the concert attendees to create awareness for and promote HP products.


Keeping up with their excellent past performance at PUSH, the brand ambassadors did an amazing job at reaching out to a majority of attendees, who didn’t mind checking out the exciting HP products while moving to Meghan Trainors energetic performance! Not really surprising for PUSH, but what’s worth mentioning is that all the ambassadors managed to boost sales by a significant amount and attract a lot of technology lovers to HP’s latest collections!

At PUSH, we would like to congratulate the entire team for their outstanding performance up till now. Infinity Marketing is one of PUSH’s top clients that opt for our services every time knowing that we deliver what we promise. It is safe to say that by the end of this tour, there will a lot more HP lovers, eager to get their hands on the trending products.

The tour started on the 11th of February and it is expected to end on the 20th of March. Meghan Trainor’s ‘That Bass Tour’ powered by HP is set for the following locations: Canada, MD, PA, NY, MA, TN, CA, TX, KY, MI & IL. So those who have been there, we hope you met the representatives from PUSH and enjoyed the concert. Those whom we are about to see, get ready to rock out!