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Event staff are often the unsung heroes of the event planning and management business. sure, they only appear once the event is ready to start, and plenty of people have been working hard to make sure the whole thing goes off without a hitch, but what happens next is the most important part of the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of average event staff who show up, go through the motions and then go home. But I’m talking about the event staff that make a difference – those who pour their heart and soul into the event, and as a result, contribute more than just their presence.
Before the event itself, the event planner and event management team have created something that will add significant value to the business. They’ve put together a schedule, worked with suppliers and overcome more adversity than the average person should have to. This includes smiling politely when senior management asks, “how are things going?” in that tone of voice that insinuates event planning is about the same skill-set as party planning for a three-year-old’s birthday party. And now comes the most stressful part of all – the event itself.
At PUSH, our team aims to be a contributor to the event, not another problem for the event planner to deal with. The goal is to understand the flow of the event and minimize any distractions from the core outcomes. Our team will introduce themselves when they arrive, and ask if there are any last-minute changes to the event schedule. Team leaders will work with other event staff to make sure there are no slip-ups, and all team members will be communicated with – without the event team having to speak to every individual, and explain every change, and then re-explain it for those who didn’t quite get it.
We know how important this is, because we’ve done this so many times before. Honestly, we have learned from our mistakes and know that event staff are crucial to creating an event that matters, but can also be the reason an event is unduly stressful or doesn’t maintain focus on the core business outcomes. We have seen event staff that don’t reflect the client’s brand, or appear disinterested. While this is terrible, at least it can be explained but what can’t be, are event staff that don’t do what they are supposed to do, either through being ineffective or through a lack of communication.
That’s where we come in.
Event staff rely on an open flow of communication to know what to do next. In complex events, we have multilayered teams that have senior event staff ensuring that everything gets done, and that any communication from the event management team is clearly communicated, and managed effectively. We know that every member of the PUSH event staff is a reflection on our business, and yours. We work hard to make sure that our event staff are the best in the business, not only because they are passionate about what they do, but because they have the systems around them to support them in achieving great results for everyone.

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