PUSH Indianapolis – Now Open for Business!

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The Indianapolis Launch Party will be held August 5, 2011

As the demand grows so does PUSH!  PUSH marketing & promotions has opened its 11th office in Indianapolis, Indiana under the management of Steve Spray,.  The market is extremely important to PUSH as it not only expands our reach, but the demand for our services in the Midwest is so great that this office will be a perfect location and it will fill that gap for us.  With cities such as, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville and Cleveland all nearby this office marks a great central point for Steve and PUSH.

Steve Spray brings a great dynamic to PUSH, offering our event staffing services to a new market.  Although PUSH currently staffs promotional models in these cities, the reach we will have will be much greater with Steve at the helm with his expertise in sales and marketing.  Steve is joined with a team that has many years of experience, and we look forward to the growth and knowledge he brings to the PUSH family.

As PUSH expands its reach in the event staffing industry and promoting its brand ambassadors throughout the US and Canada, the options are endless for our agency owners.  PUSH marketing & promotions is creating a unique brand in the event staffing industry, and having great agency managers like Steve Spray, makes our brand even stronger.  As we continue to hit more milestones and strive to be a leader in the industry, PUSH will soon be recognized as the “go to” event staffing company in North America.  This feat will not come easy, but as we continue to partner with great  companies  and unselfish leaders, the PUSH brand will become stronger than ever.

Pirelli Hires PUSH Promotional Models

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PUSH Marketing and Promotions Brand Ambassador
Pirelli Girl provided by PUSH at the Dub Show

In 2011, Pirelli Tire North America, the leader in high-end car and motorcycle tires, established a strong relationship with PUSH – marketing & promotions.  Pirelli has called upon PUSH to provide event staff throughout North American cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and Chicago.  This partnership has helped Pirelli to not only maintain their image, but it also keeps the “Pirelli Girls” the main attraction at each event!

Recently, PUSH provided promotional models for the DUB Show Tour and Pirelli.  This 12 city tour proved to be a great success as attendees stood in line to get an autograph from the PUSH models.  Although there were plenty of famous faces at the DUB Show, none of them stood a chance against our Pirelli Girls!  Not only did we make Pirelli the main focus of the show, but we made sure their loyal customers went home remembering the Pirelli brand.

PUSH – marketing & promotions, a leader in nationwide staffing, has already executed many events with Pirelli.  However, we are looking to provide many more promotional models for them as we are opening up PUSH Indianapolis next month!  With over 10 offices throughout North America, PUSH – marketing & promotions continues to be a leader in live marketing, and we look forward to working with the people of Indiana.

Check out this video from CAC-TV which features an interview with Precious from London, a PUSH Brand Ambassador and Pirelli Girl!

PUSH Brand Ambassador of the Week 7/20

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PUSH Marketing & Promotions Brand Ambassador Julia Titova
Brand Ambassador of the week, Julia Titova

Julia Titova has been working with PUSH – marketing & promotions on some great and exciting events for us.  It all started with the DUB Show in Atlanta where lines were forming just to grab an autograph from her!  Julia has also worked the Katy Perry concert, Atlanta Wine & Food Expo and the V103 Car & Bike Show for Pirelli again!  As with all our great brand ambassadors, Julia has consistently shown how to be professional and outgoing no matter what the circumstance may be.

Thank you Julia for being a great promotional model for PUSH!  We look forward in executing many more events in Atlanta, as our new PUSH Atlanta office is starting to take off!

Pisco Porton + PUSH Brand Ambassadors = SUCCESS!

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PUSH Staff executing Pisco Porton Demo

PUSH – marketing and promotions is proud to partner with Next Level Marketing to execute a successful  Pisco Porton campaign throughout California.  This partnership has allowed us to provide over 200 brand ambassadors throughout the California market, executing 15+ promotions a week.  Next Level has been a proven leader in our industry, and it is an honor to work and grow with them.  Next Level and PUSH signed the agreement 2 months ago, and it has been full steam ahead since then.  Brand ambassadors have been promoting Pisco Porton up and down the coast of California, and the response has been overwhelming.  Chris, a brand ambassador for PUSH, said “Pisco seems to put a smile on everyone’s face who tries it.”  This campaign has been successful so far, and we are determined to make it better and better each and every day.

Pisco Portón uses the mosto verde method for making its pisco, which means that our distillate is made from must (grape juice) that has not completely fermented. This serves to keep some of the natural grape sugars from converting into alcohol, thus putting more flavor and aroma into every bottle. Mosto verde piscos are recognized as being the finest types of pisco, however most producers don’t use this method because it is very labor intensive and requires a large amount of grapes. Fifteen pounds of grapes go into every bottle of Pisco Portón!

Learn how to make Pisco Punch. CLICK HERE

Not only is PUSH – marketing & promotions working on the Pisco Porton campaign with Next Level, but we are working on other liquor campaigns with them as well.  Our partnership with them continues to grow strong, and we look forward to a long relationship with them as well.

PUSH – marketing & promotions Brand Ambassador of the Week!

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PUSH Ambassador of the Week Claire Susick

Claire Susick has worked on with PUSH, a nationwide promotional modeling agency, on the Pisco Porton campaign for 5 weeks. She has successfully executed 15 promotions and has been more than a team player since working with PUSH. Claire works along with our Booking Manager Rianon M. to go above and beyond of what has been asked of her. Next Level Marketing has taken advantage of some of the great things PUSH has to offer:

  • Online recapping
  • Onsite photographs
  • Product testing

Along with a great attitude, Claire has successfully managed and completed everything that asked of her on time, every time. Great promo models like Claire is only a part of what sets PUSH apart from the rest.

Thank you Claire, and keep up the great work! You may find something extra in your next check!