Promotional Models KICK It Into High Gear!

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PUSH promotional model interacts with an MLS fan at Ruffies Event

As the sun rises and the sprinklers hit the pitch, our promotional models are rolling out of bed gearing up for another fun and exciting MLS event!  That’s right, PUSH has once again partnered with a leader in the advertising world – Lundmark Advertising + Design.   The best part of this union so far is watching the kids have fun, as they watch FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo of the MLS (Major League Soccer).

Kids having fun at the Ruffies Free Kick Challenge as a PUSH staff member watches.

Lundmark Advertising + Design provides cost effective integrated marketing solutions that engage customers, sell products and grow brands, and this is exactly what they did for Ruffies Trash Bags.  By providing an interactive soccer game, it allowed the kids to have fun and earn the chance to walk away with a free branded soccer bag!  PUSH’s promotional models also handed out thousands of samples at each game, and engaged each family to make sure they walked away with a smile on their face.

Kids collected backpacks from the Ruffies Free Kick Challenge

To date, PUSH’s promotional models have handed out more than 10,000 Ruffies samples, thousands of stickers and over 1200 custom branded soccer bags!  This has all been done by the great effort and leadership of the PUSH Managers in Houston and Dallas, Texas along with great coordination and detail from Lundmark.  PUSH looks to execute many more events with Lundmark and Ruffies, as the success and response has been overwhelming.

Promotional Models on Wheels?

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The corporate office of PUSH – marketing & promotions has quite a few people who think they are part of the “in crowd” when it comes to the nightlife scene, but boy did we learn a lesson or two as our promotional models showed their stuff at the DJ Expo!  Talk about a crowd that knows how to sing, dance and spin some records (or push buttons!)  This was an event of who’s, who in the DJ world and it proved to be one of the best events of the year.

PUSH Promo Models jazzed up UniqueSquared’s Mobile Studio

Push provided promotional models for the Unique Squared studio this year, and once they hit the floor the party started!  Unique Squared provided a full-blown studio on wheels, and it was the hit of the show!  The traveling studio is a mobile way for Unique Squared to tour the US and record music. And for you, this means you’ll have a new outlet for discovering new music!  Not only that, when they hit the road and come to a city near you, our promotional models will be right next to them!

PUSH marketing & promotions rolled into the DJ EXPO with Unique Squared

So as we at PUSH learned a thing or two on how to dance and spin records, the Unique Squared team learned how to make their events look spectacular (with our PUSH models of course!)  As the Unique team travels on so do our promotional models.  As a premier promotional modeling agency throughout the US and Canada, we are constantly on the road touring with some of the major brands in the world.  Make sure you continue to check in to learn about where we have been and where we are going as  I am sure we will be in a city near you soon!

The Schick Brand Ambassadors Are Creating Waves

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PUSH brand ambassadors at Schick Nascar Event

Over the past few months, PUSH – marketing & promotions has been riding the wave with the Amplitude Marketing Group.  Amplitude develops unique marketing programs that combine multiple waves of fresh and interactive content leading to meaningful consumer experiences that drive business growth, and their latest campaign was no exception.  Schick caught the latest wave and what a great ride it was!

The Amplitude Marketing Group called on PUSH to provide brand ambassadors for the Schick campaign.  This campaign was right up our alley, and we were excited to execute it and provide our promotional models for them.  This promotion was broken up in to 2 areas:  Katy Perry Tour for the girls, and NASCAR for the boys!  Two great tours to promote Schick and get razors in the consumer’s hands.

Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour jumped off in Atlanta, GA in early June and we have been riding the wave since.  PUSH has booked over 90 promotional models to promote the new Schick Quattro, and the positive feedback has been tremendous!  The girls have been having a great time too, and the support from Schick and Amplitude has been second to none.

Schick Promotional Models at Katy Perry Tour

However, NASCAR has been riding a big wave too!  PUSH has booked over 60 brand ambassadors to promote the new Schick Xtreme3, and we still have another 50 brand ambassadors booked through September!  The NASCAR promotion has definitely been Xtreme, and our emcee Jeff Carter has been the perfect fit for this campaign!

All the people at PUSH – marketing & promotions would like to thank the Amplitude Marketing Group for such a great experience.  Allowing us to book almost 200 brand ambassadors, and be part of the Schick team is something we are thrilled to be a part of as we look forward to creating many more waves with Amplitude.

PUSH Was at Comic-Con (and everyone knew it)!

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PUSH promotional model on the showroom floor

What a year it has been for PUSH!  We have been so fortunate to be involved with so many great events, and this year’s Comic-Con was no exception.  Nintendo asked PUSH marketing and promotions to hire experienced gaming brand ambassadors to promote Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii.  Between our promotional models and Nintendo’s 3DS people filled both rooms at the San Diego Convention Center and the Marriott’s Gaming Lounge!  The buzz that Nintendo created was second to none, and everyone at Comic-Con knew who was there!

However, Comic-Con is not just for gamers and comic aficionados.  When one door closes another one opens, and that is exactly what our promotional models did – they opened the doors to San Diego’s nightlife!  PUSH was asked to provide promotional models to an inclusive and invite only party to the hottest party that week!  Although we cannot give out the guest list, let’s just say the party was hot, and all of the A-list celebrities loved the ambiance!  With over 500 invited guests, PUSH marketing and promotions was delighted to be offered the opportunity to staff some of its best promotional models to hottest ticket that week.

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PUSH promo models take a quick pic at comic-con

Comic-Con in San Diego may be over, but we have a lot more great events coming up.  The fall season brings out a lot of new and exciting opportunities, and we work with some of the best companies that always want to explore new ideas and PUSH the envelope!  This is an exciting time of year for us, and we look forward to sharing those great events with you too!