How Does PUSH Stay On Top?

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Booking and Recruiting keep PUSH ahead of the pack!

I think it is time to start giving credit where credit is due.  A lot goes into staffing great promotional models here at PUSH, and we definitely strive to book the best girls available for each event.  Our clients come to us time after time because they know PUSH has the best promotional models in the industry, and our team works endlessly to make sure our clients are happy.  However, in order to do this, we hire the best recruiters and booking managers to make sure our events go as smooth as possible.

It all starts with recruiting and training PUSH’s promotional models.  LaShelle and Melody make sure every girl meets our strict requirements.  From in-person interviews to skyping, each model must make sure they pass LaShelle and Melody’s grueling test!  In order to meet our client’s needs, we must make sure each model is beautiful, outgoing and professional.  These are only three of the many traits we require, but our recruiters do a great job making sure we have the best models to book!

Once our promotional models pass the recruiters test, they will have a chance to get booked through one of our Booking Managers.  Tiffany, Hillary and Rianon make up our National Booking team, and they make sure every model is equipped with the right tools in order to execute a successful event.  Whether it is online training, conference calls or face-to-face training, they make sure all the promotional models execute a successful event and meet our demanding requirements.  The long hours, thousands of emails and hundreds of phone calls makes this a grueling job.   However, the girls will tell you it’s well worth it when our clients let us know how successful an event was and how appreciative they are!  Kind words go a long way, and the determination to make sure each and every client is happy keeps the motor running in all our girls.

Of course PUSH – marketing & promotions has some great tools and propriety technology to make sure our team can be successful, and for our clients to enjoy some of the great features we offer.  A few great features that our clients use everyday are:

1.       Their own custom user console
2.       Brand ambassador & management selection tool
3.       Video training
4.       Questionnaire & product testing
5.       Assignment reports & recapping
6.       Assignment photo and video uploading
7.       Data capturing technology
8.       Facebook marketer

Obviously our features make it easier on everyone, but ultimately our office girls make sure it all comes together.  So now that credit has been given and everyone knows how hard of a job it can be to hire and book a PUSH promotional model, let’s step back offer kind words to those who deserve them.  As we all know those words will go a lot further, and sometimes everyone needs to hear how appreciated they are!

The Guys at PUSH Love Kontrol Freeks!

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(kn-trl frk) – person whose behavior indicates a powerful need to control people or circumstances in everyday matters. Now, I know it’s not fair to say only the “guys” here at PUSH – marketing & promotions love Kontrol Freeks because the truth of the matter is, I think the PUSH girls love them just as much! Complete kontrol is something some people just need and desire. It is something that once you have it, you need more of it! And, on September 19th, 2011 I think everyone learned something about being a Kontrol Freek, and PUSH – marketing & promotions was leading by example!

PUSH promotional models demo the Kontrol Freek products in Scottsdale, AZ

Microsoft Stores all across the country were learning about Kontrol Freeks too. As they were celebrating a midnight launch of Gears of War 3, fans were able to use the new KontrolFreek accessories at the onsite tournament. Our promotional models were in the stores putting the new KontrolFreeks in everyone’s hands, giving away prizes and promoting the new control accessory to everyone who walked through the doors. The event was a major success, as our promotional models were in Microsoft Stores all across the country!

PUSH Brand Ambassadors in a Houston Microsoft Store.

Now you know the real definition of a KontrolFreek, and can see why the gamers here at PUSH love them! KontrolFreek has cleverly merged the simplicity of design with performance boosting features to improve accuracy, maneuverability and comfort for gamers of all levels and gaming genres. Although we are a bunch of novices here, we are also a bunch of Kontrol Freeks! In my opinion, KontrolFreeks will improve anyone’s game, and we are excited to be part of the companies launch team.

Fashion Is No Longer an Issue at PUSH!

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Fashion may not be something we have in the corporate office here at PUSH, but it is definitely something we know how to create a street team for throughout New York City.  Fashion Night Out has proven to be another great success as our promotional models hit the streets again promoting some of the biggest names in the industry.  Over the years, Fashion Week has allowed PUSH marketing & promotions to be on top of their game as we have provided promotional staff for the top leaders in the marketing world.

PUSH promotional model at Fashion’s Night Out

As our promotional models hit the street in New York they needed to make sure they looked their best.  However, how hard can it be when you have Barbie next to you?  That’s right!  Barbie had her own Ultimate Fashion Hunt where participants where scanning QR codes in selected designers stores for the chance to win BIG prizes.  Yes, BIG, BIG prizes including life-size Barbie outfits and a Barbie Basics doll!  The fashion hunt was so successful Barbie was Facebooking and Tweeting about it along the way – @BarbieStyle.  She was even answering the most popular questions like:  Are you still with Ken, and where is Ken tonight?  It was a good thing our promotional models knew the answers, however, they will only share them at the PUSH Facebook FanPage –

PUSH marketing & promotions staff at Fashion’s Night Out

At the end of the day, I believe the people in our corporate office learned a thing or two from Barbie and Ken.  I am not sure if all the women here will where pink and the guys will where ascots, but I think our fashion in the office is starting to pick up a bit.  Thank you to Barbie, Ken and everyone involved in the Ultimate Fashion Hunt PUSH marketing & promotions is looking good and staying on top the game.

Our Promotional Models Hit a Home Run!

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PUSH Promotional Models at Citifield

First it’s Major League Soccer, and now it’s Major League Baseball!  PUSH – marketing & promotions has been busy providing promotional models for all kinds of exciting events, and believe me there are a lot more to come!  However, last week we were at the New York Metropolitans (the Met’s) game promoting another great company, BestStreak.

BestStreak is a sports community dedicated to streaking, social betting and blogging.  The BestStreak team has taken all the best features from today’s biggest sports and social networking sites, added some unique twists, and brought them all together in one place for sports fans to experience.  The best part is that BestStreak is totally free. And to top it off, BestStreak is giving away hundreds of dollars every day to the BestStreak Streaking competition winners!

Although BestStreak is a huge success, there will never be enough people talking about sports and that is where our PUSH event staff come in.  We were at Citi Field Park talking to every sports fan promoting BestStreak.  Girls, guys, Army, Navy, dogs, cats – you name it, we were promoting it!  Our promotional models engaged thousands of people who were attending the Met’s game, and the fans were having a blast.  The final numbers haven’t come in yet, but from the looks of it BestStreak will have a lot more people talking sports on their site!  This campaign has been a huge success so far and we look forward to many more promotions with

Beststreak promo team courtesy of PUSH marketing & promotions