PUSH Crank Up the Volume at the MTV Spring Break 2012

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A fiery and successful combination of the talents and expertise of the brand ambassadors from the high end events management giant PUSH Marketing and Promotions, the team from Best Events LA and MTV, brought the house down with yet another brilliantly successful run of the MTV Spring Break in March 2012.

With the PUSH Marketing and Promotions team bringing in more than 45 brand ambassadors to this exciting event, 2012 hit the right spot and soared to success with the best teams backing the event. The staff from Best Events LA and the brand ambassador for SoBe, a huge sponsoring contributor, all received incredible reviews for their efforts and participation at one of the premier entertainment events of any year.

With PUSH bringing in the staff contingent and, setting up and implementing activation areas for all of the event sponsors, such as Warner Brothers, Burger King and SoBe, 2012 at the Palms was that much bigger, and better. PUSH went out of their way to scout out, interview and screen the very best staff for the jobs over a period of almost 3 months. Each prospective brand ambassador went through a gruelling interview process, and only the top employees made it through to staff this popular event.

With the PUSH branch in Las Vegas being the only staffing company that was chosen to work alongside big names like Best Events LA and MTV, owner Lawrence McBride was absolutely delighted at the overwhelmingly positive feedback and praise for his team.

Lawrence McBride is the owner of both PUSH Marketing and Promotions and The Revision Group in Las Vegas, and holds an impressive and well-earned reputation for handling some of the biggest events in the country over the last 20 years. Lawrence commented on the recent success of this epic entertainment event of the year:

‘’I appreciated the glowing praise, and once again it reminds me that it pays for us to spend as much time as we do screening, interviewing and making sure that EVERY one of our jobs is staffed with the most attractive, friendly, professional staff possible for us to serve our clients with great skill and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to our 3rd year as the ONLY staffing company in Las Vegas chosen to work with Best Events and MTV. ‘’

PUSH Marketing and Promotions in Las Vegas worked hand in hand with the Atmosphere Models who got the crowds of Spring Break attendees excited and raring to go, working them up into a delighted frenzy as they worked their magic with the crowds in the booths. The brand ambassadors moved around in their pre-determined booths right inside the MTV Spring Break Pool Party, and the rest of the events and organization during the 2 days were handled by the very best event supervisors in the country.

2012 was more than a roaring success. It was bigger than anyone ever imagined, and the smooth handling of the busy MTV Spring Break event is thanks to the highly trained teams, backed some of the best professionals in the business.

The line-up of entertainment and performers was hotter than ever this year, with the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas being swamped with event goers looking forward to seeing award winning artists. Super slick UK Boy Band The Wanted, multi-platinum rap artist, Young Jeezy, Dev, Big Sean, B.O.B and sensational music producer AraabMuziK, were just some of the big names swooping in for the huge event.

Other celebs making appearances at the MTV Spring Break were cast members from popular MTV reality shows such as Jersey Shore and The Challenge : Battle of the Exes. Jersey Shore stars Deena Nicole Cortse, Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz Magro, and Leroy and Naomi from The Challenge were around to party up a storm together with Chanel and Drama from Rob Dyurdeks’s Fantasy Factory and all were more than happy to mingle and lend a hand to the brand ambassadors to present guests with a true VIP experience.

Exclusive VIP parties lit up the night as the master of spin, the official MTVU’s super muso, DJ Legacy ripped up the dance floor. It was an epic event with PUSH Marketing and Promotions right in the middle of the beating heart of this sensational and exciting event of 2012.

PUSH Models ignite interest in Camacho Cigars

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Planning on hosting a special event, tradeshow, or promotion? With a PUSH Marketing & Promotions brand ambassador, we can provide custom-tailored staffing needs that will wow your guests. As you might know, PUSH gets to represent some of the most exciting brands in the world.  Recently, we had the opportunity to promote for the world-renowned luxury cigar brand Camacho Cigars, among other Davidoff brand products.

Founded in Miami in 1961 by Cuban immigrant Simon Camacho, the cigars rapidly became sought after by the most discerning of smokers. Among these includes the famous cigar aficionado, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Camacho’s handmade cigars are known for their high-quality tobacco with robust flavor, perfect construction in a silky wrapper, and smooth draw with an even burn.  Satisfying to both experienced smokers and beginners, ask any cigar smoker to name which brand they consider the best and you’ll find Camacho at the top of everyone’s list.

At The Great Smoke Inn in West Palm Beach, PUSH’s alluring brand ambassadors represented Camacho Cigars while promoting their specially blended Room101 cigars. The event was attended by cigar aficionados from all over south Florida, including owners, managers, and buyers of tobacco shops. Our brand ambassadors kept the party alive by interacting with attendees on behalf of Camacho and Room101. Our clients raved about our models and their engaging personalities.

We are absolutely thrilled that our partnership with Camacho continues to grow strong. And we look forward to a long relationship supporting all of the fine cigar brands of the Davidoff Group in their nationwide marketing campaigns. On a final note, we suggest taking the Davidoff philosophy to heart: take time to experience the good life, either by yourself or with the company of friends. And with PUSH Marketing & Promotions, an extra push can bring the good life to you and your company.

To learn more about these amazing cigars, visit the Camacho Cigars website.

Sony’s Brand Ambassadors for SXSW

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It was that time of year again, when everyone gears up for one of the biggest festivals of the year – SXSW. With over 250,000+ people, Sony and PUSH – marketing & promotions teamed up once again to provide 40 brand ambassadors for this year’s SXSW. This year’s show was bigger and better than ever, and everyone that came out was enthusiastic and eager to see what 2012 was going to bring

SXSW invited over 500 bands from around the world, with New York and London leading the way. However, Sony was not to be out done by providing 40 brand ambassadors to interact and engage attendees at 7 different venues throughout the entire week. Sony’s Brand Ambassadors interacted with attendees through the new Sony Tablets and Music Audio Devices. Sony also gave 2 lucky participants a new Sony Tablet each day of the show!

The numbers aren’t in quite yet, but in 2011 the impact on Austin’s economy was more than $165 million from SXSW. The numbers were higher, the attendance was higher and the exhibitors were all excited about the impact SXSW will have on their company so we are all eagerly waiting to see how 2012 will fair. PUSH – marketing & promotions is already looking forward to working with Sony and Pello Events, and providing brand ambassadors on many more events to come.