Brand Ambassadors Take Summer by Storm with Dave & Buster’s Summer Games 2012

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Way back in the 1970’s, Dave and Buster were busily slaving away in their separate restaurant, pub and entertainment businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dave & Buster had a look at what they had to offer and decided to merge their separate kingdoms as one and in 1982 Dave & Buster’s was born.

From those humble beginnings, now, some years later, Dave & Buster’s own no less than 59 entertainments and high volume restaurant establishments right through North America. Patrons come from all over to experience the excellent food, great value for money, friendly and lively ambience and games and attractions for the entire family. Shuffleboard, billiards and high tech simulators are just some of the exciting games on the menu at Dave & Busters.

To kick off the 2012 summer season at Dave and Buster’s, they collaborated with marketing and promotions super giants PUSH, and Trojan One, the superior integrated brand activators. Together with their classy and sophisticated brand ambassadors, they set out to launch the biggest Summer of Games than ever before.

The Dave & Buster’s Game Crew headed out to the 59 entertainment and restaurant complexes all over the US and Canada, where more than 354 PUSH and Trojan One brand ambassadors kicked off the parties of the year. Trojan One streamlined all of Dave & Buster’s PR requirements and expertly handled the promotions alongside Promotion and Marketing giant PUSH.

Each separate one of the 59 locations announced summer with a bang presenting no less than 10 new, never been seen before games and entertainment experiences, as well as their brand new unique dining concepts for the colossal amount of guests that poured into the establishments for the exciting promotion.

With every purchase of a PowerCard, guests were able to receive not one, but two completely free plays on any three of the new brand new games launched that day. The 3 promotional games presented to the eager guests were the Speed of Light game, that requires the sharpest reflexes and skills to achieve a win on this game, the Dirty Drivin’ game, which is a high speed racing and combat game, as well as the Quad Air Hockey, a fun twist on the classic air hockey game, this one being a four player version.

The brand ambassadors making up Dave & Buster’s Game Crew arrived ready to party and entertain guests during the Friday and Saturday nights of the summer promotion. They mingled with guests, joined in the games, treated guests to other complimentary games, awarded spot, promotional prizes all during the event and added to the lively festivities by handing out branded Mardi Gras beads to all of the happy and delighted families and couples that came to experience the very best of Dave & Buster’s Summer of Games 2012.

Dave & Busters have a well-earned reputation for providing customers with an action packed schedule of serious family fun, as well as great menu choices, incredible food and drinks and friendly, ambient service. Brand new menu items, both food and drink, were introduced to mark the momentous occasion.

Guests could choose from the 100% Angus burger that is piled sky high with imported cheese steak (all the way from Philadelphia), known as the South Philly Burger, Pretzel Dogs and the massive maxi size Lawnmower Salad. The margaritas were a hit with their new and refreshing summer flavour line, as well as the introduction of Snow Cones and adults only boozy milkshakes.

The models, the game crews and the brand ambassadors from Trojan One and PUSH gave the most overwhelming feedback, saying that in all the promotions and marketing campaigns and events they have worked at the Dave & Busters was the biggest amount of fun they have ever had at an event. Saying that there is no other place that has as much going on, as much fun on offer and as much family entertainment for a great experience, Dave & Buster’s Summer of Games campaign 2012 was a roaring success.
Dave & Busters were absolutely overjoyed with the success of the 2 week event, and were very happy with the excellent service, expertise and professionalism provided by PUSH, Trojan One and all their numerous brand ambasssadors.

Promo Models Represent PDP 2012 E3 Convention

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The 2012 E3 of Electronic Entertainment Expo was another roaring success in June this year. With some of the long awaited launches of some of the latest cutting edge gaming technologies’ released in the run up to and in the duration of the Expo, industry professionals are deeming this year’s E3 to be the best one yet.

PDP or Performance Designed Products cranked it up a notch this year and employed the premier services of cutting edge marketing and promotions leader, PUSH to provide professional promotional models to represent them at the busy E3 booths this year.

PUSH carefully screens each and every single employee, and they have to go through a grueling interview process and a stringent security check, before they may be allowed to represent PUSH at any event.

All of the staff, brand ambassadors and promo models are then put through a hectic education process, by which they will be prepared by PUSH to be able to handle any event, and the ebb and flow that happens within any high profile presentation, with class, sophistication and professionalism that makes the staff from PUSH an industry force to be reckoned with.

The elite clients and premier events that PUSH caters for, have absolute peace of mind when collaborating with the experienced and professional marketing and promotions giant, as they know they are getting the very best service available out there.

The promo models picked for the collaboration with the PDP team (Performance Designed Products) were dressed for success and stood out in their incredible and eye catching, futuristic designed costumes, complete with light glasses.

The promotional models executed their spec and performed their duties beautifully, driving potential clients and industry professionals right to the Performance Designed Products stand at the E3 show, encouraging people to play the games, try out the products, and were also on hand to have their photograph taken with the convention attendees.

PDP is the industry leader in the production and design of peripherals for each and every one of the biggest gaming consoles on the market today. Their stand at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year took center stage as the brightest and most colorful, making them and their products really stand out amidst the dreary, sleek and grey theme that seemed to surround them.

Their Rock Candy controller line is a hugely popular line of game controllers and console communicators are a funky, sleek and affordable range of products and accessories that will help any gamer get noticed in the crowd, touting their Rock Candy range as “The Right Flavor at the Right Price”

The Rock Candy Range has a Microsoft Certified candy controller that has undergone stringent performance testing for the Xbox 360. There is also a PlayStation 3 gaming controller which has been streamlined and updated for better gaming performance and more comfortable controls.

The Afterglow controllers and communicators range is a popular PDP line and the latest addition to the range – the Afterglow Headsets, are the perfect partners to the controllers and consolers. Part of what makes them so popular, is the awesome glow in the dark, multi coloured neon shades, and their distinct futuristic look. The PUSH promotional models sported them as having a funky fun look as well as having great features and functionality.

But the Afterglow headsets are not just pretty to look at they come with 50mm Neodymium speakers, three audio modes (Bass Boost, 3D Cinema and Pure Audio) as well as a superior dual suspension design that helps to eliminated the wearers fatigue. There are wireless options, with a charging cable as well as the cabled variety, all in their distinct glow in the dark colours.

PDP released a taster of just some of their latest gaming offerings to the industry just before their showcase hit the floor running at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA this year. The much anticipated showcase was received very favourably, and their entire, up to date, full range of products and accessories was available at their stand at E3.

Part of what made the PDP booth at E3 such a roaring success was the team of promo models from PUSH, who made their stand pop out from the crowd, and interacted with the expo attendees, making sure that a fantastic time was had by all.