Vampires Descend On New York

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Night fell on Manhattan with ghostly terror providing the perfect setting for an influx of undead vampires out for blood. With the chill of autumn nibbling at pulsating veins pumping in their necks patrons attending Comic Con 2012 New York discovered their city besieged by a lively vampire horde from October 11-13 as event staff supplied by PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the premier international event staffing agency, in conjunction with Los Angeles based Night Vision Entertainment descended on Grand Central Station ahead of the October 23rd DVD release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Night Vision Entertainment, an event production company, utilizing live marketing techniques provides consumers with unforgettable experiences that go beyond mere branding. Partnering
with PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staffing, Night Vision Entertainment created an antebellum vision of historical terror brought to life rendering Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer Comic Con New York’s rollout a horrifically enjoyable event.

Based on the Seth Grahame-Smith cult favorite biographical horror novel, also credited with penning the screenplay, the movie follows the alternate life of Abraham Lincoln revealed through a series of secret diaries as he grows from a nine year-old child witnessing the brutal murder of his mother at the hands of a vampire, Jack Barts, played by the menacing Martin Csokas (The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring). A decade later, having grown into a lanky framed law student Abe (Benjamin Walker, The War Boys) finds himself in Springfield, Illinois where he again encounters the malicious Barts. Vowing revenge on the vampire responsible for his mother’s death, Abe teams up with vampire hunter Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper, Captain America: The First Avenger). Under Sturgess tutelage, Abe obediently follows his mentor’s directions while balancing his life as an ax-wielding assassin of the undead by night and a mild-mannered law student and clerk by day finding time to woo and win the hand of the lovely Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, The Thing, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).

Rising to the Presidency after years idled as a vampire slayer by his love for his wife and family and his ascension to political prominence, Abe finds himself confronting his evil nemesis as vampires fighting along side Confederate forces seek to over throw the Union Army. Battle after bloody battle leaves the Union reeling on the verge of collapse under the onslaught of vampire troops. Once again Abe rises to the challenge wielding his trusty ax to eliminate the evil of slavery drawing hordes of vampires to America with the promise of an endless supply of food. With single minded drive and native pluck, Abe leads the forces of light and Union blue determined to save the Union so that “government of the people, by the people, for the people,
shall not perish from the earth.”

Directed by Russian born Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer brings to the screen the lovingly rendered film noir sensibilities of the biographical horror novel blended with the high-powered action of big budget thrillers. Grittily vivid scenes of ax-wielding virtuosity as Abe Lincoln battles the maniacally supernatural undead meld in seamless integrity with sepia-toned romance portraying the whole with an historical character redolent of mastery. Filming at locations ranging from the slave blocks of old New Orleans to the nation’s capitol and iconic home of the Presidency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Bekmambetov brings to life Grahame-Smith’s best-selling novel with the deft hand of a master
of his craft.

New Yorkers are sure to recall their terrifyingly playful interactions with event staff, professional models and actors faithfully playing the roles of Lincoln and a bevy of antebellum vampires.  Adorned in full costume complete with blood dripping fangs and bloodcurdling charm, event staff invaded Comic Con New York venues giving attendees an unforgettable experience.  Interacting with visitors and panelists event staff thrilled attendees with an energetic display of live marketing highlighting the October 23rd DVD release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer.  “Your team was truly amazing and we had the best week. It was great that they were actors and it really helped with our activation. I would hire them all in a heartbeat again,” said Night Vision Entertainment’s Lindsey Weinstein of the PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff.

PUSH and CMN bring Bonfyre to NFL fans in St. Louis

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PUSH Marketing and Promotions continues to develop its relationship with Cardenas Marketing Network or CMN by providing quality event staffing solutions for activations across the country. The latest partnership between PUSH and CMN brought 15 street team models to St. Louis, MO to promote the Bonfyre Mobile App.

CMN prides themselves on being a high energy multicultural promotions company, producing over 700 events a year all over the United States. Experiential marketing is CMN’s specialty, and the only company capable of finding staffing options in every major market in North America was PUSH Marketing and Promotions.

PUSH sent 15 street teamers into high traffic local bars and tailgating spots on October 4th’s Thursday Night Football game between the NFC West rivals St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. The promotional models used various mobile devices including smartphones and tablets to educate potential consumers about the Bonfyre Mobile App.

The Bonfyre Mobile App aims to change the way social networks are used by allowing users to share around events rather than broadcasting everything the user does to everyone indiscriminately. This makes the user experience more intimate and relevant.

In a statement, Mark Sawyler, co-founder of Bonfyre, said, “We believe that it’s time to share around events, not everything with everyone. People have many options when it comes to chatting and sharing photos, but we believe that none combine planning, capturing and sharing content around experiences in a private setting with people that matter.”

Bonfyre has partnered with their hometown NFL team the St. Louis Rams. The Rams provided Bonfyre users with exclusive content including photo and video content from the players. The organization also sponsored giveaways through the app that included game tickets and autographed memorabilia.

PUSH marketing & promotions is proud to be partnered with CMN to help launch this amazing new mobile app that looks to change the landscape of social networking.