Ciara’s “Got Me Good” Music Video Release Party Thrills Crowd in Times Square

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Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Ciara released her latest music video from her fifth album One Woman Army in traffic-stopping style on October 25th, 2012. Standing atop the Hard Rock Café balcony, the singer, joined by V.I.P.s, guests, family, friends, fans and several lucky contest winners viewed the music video “Got Me Good” playing on the big Sony Screen as crowds and dancers thronged the streets and sidewalks in New York’s famed Times Square. The tremendous success of the music video release party topped Ciara’s cross-country birthday celebration. Traveling in style, Ciara jetted from L.A. to New York, blending her music video debut and birthday fete into a raucous, energetic festival of music, dance and celebration thrilling guests and fans alike.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the premier international live marketing and event staffing agency in conjunction with San Diego based Pello LLC, a full service event solutions company, provided sixteen brand ambassadors. Event staff models interacted with the all-girl flash mob dancers as the music video electrified hundreds gathered for the debut. Promoting Sony’s X10 meticulously crafted headphones offering dynamic sound, amazing bass, stylish design, 50mm driver units, and neodymium magnets, event staff mingled with the crowd assembled for the debut allowing attendees to sample Sony’s headphones. Event staff models pedaled around Times Square on tricycles fitted with Sony speakers letting patrons hear for themselves Sony’s astounding sound quality prompting Julia T. (team ambassador) to say: “This event was so much fun! Three of us including myself rode tricycles. We were advertising the headphones and the sound quality was great!”

Celebrating her 27th birthday with her latest release, the Austin born Atlanta based globetrotting artist delighted the crowd with her radiating presence. The second music video release from the upcoming One Woman Army release, “Got Me Good”, with its driving electro-pop funk rhythms showcased Ciara’s dance skills along with powering vocals reminiscent of Janet Jackson at her peak. Following up the success of her first release “Sorry”, her second offering from her fifth studio album on new label Epic Records, “Got Me Good” electrifying debut provided the icing for the Southern beauty’s birthday bash. Joined by Power 105.1 FM, New York’s Pop music station Z100, and a bevy of close friends and record executives, Ciara cut the custom designed birthday cake in Hard Rock Café’s V.I.P. section while celebrating with a personal rendition of “Happy Birthday” before stepping onto the balcony to the appreciative welcome of the hundreds of fans below.

Since her musical debut in 2004, Ciara, a five-time Grammy nominee, has garnered an impressive list of awards including Billboard’s 2008 “Woman of the Year”, three BET awards, three MTV Music awards and a Grammy win for Best Video Collaboration With Vocals. With album sales topping seven million records worldwide and eight Billboard Top Ten singles, the four time platinum singer continues her climb to legendary status. In addition to her singing/songwriting career, Ciara, born Ciara Princess Harris on October 25th, 1985, boasts a growing list of accomplishments acting alongside Adam Sandler in That’s My Boy as well as modeling for Jay-Z’s Rocawear clothing line. The daughter of Jackie and Carlton Harris, Ciara travelled the world while living on Army bases in Germany and throughout the U.S. Signed by LaFace Records executive, L.A. Reid after graduating from Riverdale High School in Riverdale, Georgia, her freshmen debut Goodies hit the charts in 2004 starting a seventy-one week run on the Billboard 200. Ciara rejoins L.A. Reid’s Epic Records label with her latest offering One Woman Army.

PUSH Marketing and Promotions engaged by Pello LLC to help celebrate the singer’s 27th birthday bash at her music video release party provided event staff models and brand ambassadors to work the crowd and present Sony’s headphones and speakers to V.I.P. attendees in the exhilarating party atmosphere. While V.I.P.s, guests and contest winners enjoyed the sounds spun by New York’s DJ Self and DJ Prostyle, PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff greeted invitees at the private party allowing them to sample Sony headphones. Dance contest winners, attended by event staff models, garnered the top prizes of Sony headphones competing alongside invited Sony V.I.P. guests.

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PUSH helps Nintendo receive “Best Staff” award at 2012 Gamestop Expo

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PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the premier international live marketing and event staffing agency, again demonstrates its prowess as the leader in the event staffing industry. GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Expo 2012 first ever invitation only event set the stage for PUSH Marketing & Promotions exceptional services.

Taking place in late summer on August 27th-29th, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, GameStop’s annual three day manager’s conference finally opened its doors to a select crowd of PowerUp Reward card holders on the event’s last day for a five hour sneak peek at dozens of the industries hottest game publishers including Sony, Ubisoft, and EA to name only a few. Providing relief from the relentless Texas’ heat the expo turned up the temperature offering up a gamers’ paradise of high-tech consoles and attention absorbing graphics. GameStops’ PowerUp Rewards Expo engaged event goers with a promotional experience and exclusive access unequaled in the industry. Covering over 200,000 square feet of the picturesque Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center situated in the heart of the San Antonio River Walk, GameStop’s elite patrons sampled the latest and greatest contributions from the gaming world that left patrons eager for the holiday season and the titles that were sure to become must have stocking stuffers. In addition, publishers throughout the expo offered prize drawings and celebrity appearances from the likes of Jason Terry of the Boston Celtics.

The highlight of the GameStops’ PowerUp Rewards Expo came in the award winning Nintendo’s Wii U display. With PUSH Marketing & Promotions unparalleled efforts in providing Nintendo’s Wii U booth with expert event staff, Nintendo garnered the expo’s Best Large Format award along with the award for Best Booth Staff. Expo attendees were shepherded through the Nintendo display by PUSH Marketing & Promotions imported event staff of nine expert gamers coming in from around the country fresh from their E3 and San Diego ComicCon experiences.

Event staff gamers engaged attendees with personal tutorials and demonstrated Wii U console features to patrons permitting exceptional interaction with the Nintendo’s upcoming system Wii U set to debut ahead of the holiday season on November 18th, 2012. Accompanying the expert gamers manning the Nintendo Booth, PUSH Marketing’s promotional event staff featuring team lead L.A. based Mandi M. along with Orange County, California’s Nintendo Travel Team member Anna T., event staff worked the expo floor with the Nintendo 3DS system giving attendees hands-on access to the latest titles.

Sporting shorter lines and wait times than E3 and PAX, the exclusive GameStop PowerUp Rewards Expo 2012 gave showgoers hands-on access to Nintendo’s Wii U and upcoming hit titles ZombiU, Super Mario Bro.U, Pimkin3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and NintendoLand, prompting notable attendees such as Chris Buffa, Editor in Chief of the industry review site to say of the event “To be fair, we didn’t know what to expect from the GameStop expo. The company holds its manager’s conference annually, but 2012 marked the first time it was open to the public. More specifically, PowerUp Rewards members. That said, there was a chance, however slight, that we’d leave somewhat disappointed, either because of low attendance, a lack of games or both.

Thankfully, the expo delivered on all fronts. Not only was GameStop pleased with the number of people who showed up, but the video game industry was out in force. Nintendo brought the Wii U, giving players the chance to go hands-on with the system…”

GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Expo 2012 and Nintendo’s Wii U exhibit’s success eloquently demonstrates PUSH Marketing & Promotions unrivaled industry leading expertise in providing event management and promotional activities for a panoply of campaigns and events through the U.S. and Canada. Through show stopping Brand Ambassadors, trade-show models and trained product demonstrators PUSH Marketing & Promotions drives sales and brand recognition. PUSH Marketing & Promotions partnership with Nintendo’s Wii U debut makes GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Expo’s initial foray into publicly accessible industry events a wild success ensuring the expo becomes a regular stop on the itinerary for die-hard gamers across the county.

Silence Echoes in San Francisco as H&M and Largetail turn to PUSH Marketing & Promotions

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On November 10th, over 330 PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff silently paraded through the picturesque streets of San Francisco.  From Haight-Ashbury in the 1960’s to 2011’s Fashion Week featuring Bay Area avant-garde design houses, San Francisco has long been known for its emphatic embrace of art and style and fashion.  No surprise then that as Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and much of the eastern seaboard sending millions scrambling for shelter and forcing Swedish based H&M to hurriedly revise plans for its intended Silent Manifesto March that it turned to San Francisco as host.  Though the launch may have moved cross country, H&M remembers those suffering and rebuilding throughout the East Coast offering customers the ability to donate directly to American Red Cross relief efforts throughout its retail locations and online.

With a mere seventy-two hours to prepare for the cross-country change of venue, H&M and Largetail, the New York based provider of cutting edge branding promotions and digital content, turned to PUSH Marketing & Promotions.  As the one company with the resources necessary to provide event staff on short notice, PUSH Marketing & Promotions, North America’s industry leading live marketing event staffing agency, went into action mobilizing 330 male and female event staff models ranging in age from 18 to 40 along with 30 team leads, including Briana G., Candace S., and Bailey S., through its proprietary web based technology.  In nothing short of a feat of logistical and organizational legerdemain PUSH Marketing & Promotions successfully executed the campaign.

Since 2004 H&M, the worlds second largest fashion retailer known for its focus on fast-fashion for men, women, teens and children, has combined its world leading brand with the worlds’ most desirable designers.  And 2012 brings the boldest partnership yet as H&M teams up with Maison Martin Margiela.  The Silent Manifesto March commandos paraded through the streets of San Francisco announcing H&M’s latest fashion collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela and its message of the democratization of high fashion for the public.  Black clad event staff wore white aprons drawing attention to Maison Martine Margiela’s re-edition of more than seventy of its iconic styles for men and women.  Available beginning November 15th, 2012, Maison Martin Margiela deconstructionist design tradition of eccentric, ground-breaking fashions arrive in H&M’s more than 230 retail locations worldwide.

Paris based Maison Martin Margiela was established in 1989 by Belgian born founder Martin Margiela the reclusive and mysterious designer advancing the traditions of the Japanese movement of avant-garde deconstruction and coming out Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.  Though no longer under the leadership of its founder, Maison Martin Margiela continues to drive high concept haute-couture fashion to its uttermost limits.

History illustrates the ultimate power of the people to engage in protest marches as a form of communication that bears undeniable power to affect the course of human events.  The Silent Manifesto March signals Maison Martin Margiela’s retrospective of its illustrious history.  Representative designs updated with modern shapes and materials bore labels with a unique tag identifying the season of its original design over the Maison Martin Margiela’s twenty-four year history.   Partnering with H&M to bring the retrospective collection and its focus on playfully re-interpreted fashion allows Maison Martin Margiela to bring their message of cutting edge fashion to the public.

In leading fashion cities from Paris to Hong Kong to Dusseldorf to the city-state of Singapore, H&M’s Silent Manifesto March launched the Maison Martin Margiela collection in eight countries around the world.  In San Francisco, chosen as the sole U.S. city hosting the Silent Manifesto March, event staff dressed in black and white held signs bearing the H&M logo as well as various incarnations of Maison Martin Margiela’s distinctive label on their way from San Francisco’s Pier 3 in the historic Embarcadero and locations throughout San Francisco to H&M’s downtown location.  Snaking their way through San Francisco in an eye catching silent ‘protest’ event staff embodied PUSH Marketing & Promotion’s attention to professionalism and dedication, ensuring H&M’s partnership with Maison Martin Margiela is the fashion launch heard round the world.

Devilish Beauties Turn Out For The Nation’s Hottest Halloween Parties.

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If you want, need, just got to have the hottest Halloween parties with the wickedest models parading around in diabolically delicious costumes, then Maxim Magazine’s Devil’s Cut Halloween Extravaganza was the place to be this year. Taking place in cities around the nation on the weekend of October 26-27th, 2012, Maxim’s Halloween parties have quickly become the stuff of legends. The hottest venues in the country with the best music, the hottest models, premium Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon, the sexiest costume contests and the best prizes are the ingredients that transform just another holiday party into the premiere Halloween event in the country. Across the nation Maxim’s Halloween Extravaganza raised the temperature with sinister delight. Clad in red and black costumes event staff models bore their horns with delicious intent mingling and greeting partiers, welcoming them to a hellishly glorious level of the Underworld not seen since Dante’s Inferno.

Some legends are born. Some created. Event staff models with PUSH Marketing & Promotions in conjunction with TEAM Enterprises bring legends to life through special event staffing creating buzz that left attendees enthralled with the sinister beauties. Miami agency owner, Shayan Habib worked closely with TEAM Enterprises to make sure all expectations were met and exceeded.  Sponsored by Maxim Magazine and Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut rolling out JB’s premium brand 90 proof bourbon, a proprietary blending technique resulting in rich, robust bourbon with deep color, aroma and character, Maxim Magazine quality models provided by PUSH Marketing & Promotions interacted with patrons and partygoers handing out samples and snapping unforgettable photos.

Not since Dr. Faust made his Mephistolean bargain for fame and fortune or Orpheus descent into the Underworld in search of his lost love Eurydice and softened the heart of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld with his mastery of divine music, has a partnership resulted in such tempting displays and creation of an atmosphere filled with wicked delight. Like that mythical encounter between the divine and the devilish, Maxim Magazine, already renowned for its ability to inspire and engage readers with its bevy of beauties and hedonistic sensationalism, raised the bar for celebration once again as the magazine teamed with Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut to provide an atmosphere replete with the human panoply of temptation; an epicurean buffet of sight, sound, and taste that left attendees buzzing.

The Empire Lounge in Detroit and Columbus’ Park Street Social Room were the places to be as event staff from PUSH Marketing & Promotions handed out Jim Beam Devil’s Cut promotional materials. In Dallas, the Zouk Nightclub played host to event staff models sashaying through the crowded revelry snapping photos with patrons and causing devilish sensation. From Millesime in New York to the Sensu in Indianapolis to the Jet Hotel & Lounge in Denver and Philly’s G Lounge, no one was safe from temptation as horned hotties sauntered through the party delivering their enticing message and brand promotion.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the nation’s premier event staffing company, joined with TEAM Enterprises to act across multiple venues in multiple states to provide Maxim quality event staff. Meeting highly specific quality requirements, PUSH Marketing & Promotions readily exceeded TEAM Enterprise’s event staffing standards, even providing emergency event staff backups at the last minute for competitors’ no-shows. Resulting in a coordinated promotional and branding event that engaged and delighted consumers throughout the country and left a lasting impression for its professionalism, its energy, and its enthusiastic attention to superior standards.

Florida and D.C. based TEAM Enterprises creates strategic programs through its over 400 full-time employees and 6500 event staff in every major city around the country to provide a unique, creative and consistent branding that directly engages your consumers in unforgettable experiences. Through proprietary technology and unequaled scalability, TEAM Enterprises ensures a national exposure that carries a consistent messaging through advanced employee and ambassador training programs. Partnering with PUSH Marketing & Promotions, a worldwide live marketing and event staffing company, TEAM Enterprises facilitated the legendary Maxim Magazine’s Devils Cut Halloween Extravaganza guaranteeing an experience destined to endure in the hearts and minds of consumers even after they have ascended from the delightful depths of the Underworld and returned, like Orpheus, to the land above inspired by memories fated to haunt and entice them long after the Halloween season.