PUSH Promo Models Welcome Sixty Worldwide Contest Winners to AXE Anarchy Island Paradise

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Chaos comes to Paradise as AXE Anarchy launches its latest and hottest brand with a four day/three night bash of epic proportions from December 1st-5th.  Featuring the wickedly angelic presence of twenty PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff, paradise never looked so good for the sixty contest winners from around the globe descending on AXE Anarchy Island.  Event staff engaged the AXE consumers ensuring a smooth arrival on their once in a lifetime tropical adventure.  Always promoting brand awareness, event staff accompanied winners to beach parties, pool parties, and bonfire after parties.

In partnership with Une Agence Américaine, PUSH Models & Promotions sent twenty event staff on a four day trip into the heart of the Belize’s tropical paradise. Une Agence Américaine, the relatively young Paris based event and promotions agency with a decidedly technological drive and social media expertise, coordinated AXE’s worldwide search for sixty contest winners exemplifying AXE’s brand.  Tapped by Une Agence Américaine, PUSH Marketing & Promotions provided and coordinated the training, travel and arrival of its bevy of sizzling brand ambassadors into the heart of Belize’s tropical paradise.  There the angelic models eagerly awaited the arrival of the global contest winners of the AXE Anarchy Island social media contest.

From Malaysia to the United Kingdom and nineteen countries around the globe, lucky contestants travelled by air and sea to the tropical paradise of Belize’s Placencia Island Paradise Resort.  From there it was a short trip to the AXE Anarchy Island set at Robert’s Grove private resort and the welcoming smiles of PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff.  Led by the intrepid and adventurous writer, model, radio host and fitness enthusiast Fay Hokulani event staff escorted winners to the exotic Mayflower Bocawina National Forest and Belize’s longest zip line through the rain forest’s pristine canopy.  Check out Fay’s take on the blowout at WITHLOVEFAY.

Adrenaline pumping from day one adventures, winners partied into the night with PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff showing off dance moves under the approving eye of stilt-legged neon Tron dancers.  Not to be outdone, the UK contingent organized a friendly game of beer pong showing off their pride in combining the national pastimes of hoisting lagers and chatting up beautiful women.  Keeping with the theme of Chaos in Paradise, winners enjoyed a wide variety of thrill seeking adventures available on AXE Anarchy Island.  Whether it was tandem slip-and-sliding with bikinied PUSH models into the warm Caribbean, river tubing, zip lining, snorkeling or being launched into the wet-and-wild sea from an a giant air bag, AXE Anarchy Island engendered a host of legendary memories for those lucky winners prompting one to chronicle his adventures at Tarik Memoir.

AXE is a subsidiary of multinational Anglo-Dutch Unilever Corporation, the world’s third largest consumer goods provider.  As one of Unilever’s flagship brands in its arsenal of more than 400 lines covering food and beverages to personal care products, the ten year old AXE brand continues to storm the world with its sexy, playful promotions appealing to its tech savvy, hipster target market with interactive social media campaigns like the Anarchy Girls graphic novel.

Throughout the AXE Anarchy Island party, PUSH Model & Promotions event staff, enjoying the paid vacation of a lifetime, enthusiastically promoted AXE products and brands and the AXE message of “uncontrollable attraction” guaranteeing AXE contest winners returned home weary and smiling with unparalleled memories. PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc., the international leader in event staffing and promotional marketing, provides highly trained event staff throughout the US and Canada.  Through its use of proprietary training and technology PUSH Marketing & Promotions ensures clients’ marketing live events succeed beyond all expectations.  See all the videos of the epic event beginning with day one at AXE Anarchy Island.

PUSH teams with AMP Agency to Provide Event Staff for Lifestyles Condom Skyn Launch

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Australian based Ansell Healthcare Products LLP, owner of the Lifestyles Condoms brand, brings over a hundred years of innovation to the world with its breakthrough materials technology introducing a condom unlike any other. Lifestyles Condoms’ parent company, Australia’s Ansell Ltd, began life in 1902 with a focus on the growing market for rubber products. Through all its iterations and evolutions, Ansell Ltd. led the charge in cutting edge development of materials technology. Exhibiting technological expertise and a canny grasp of the world’s need for a safe-sex alternative to traditional latex products, the development of Lifestyles Condoms’ trademark polyisoprene material sets a new standard for intimacy, allowing a fuller, more intense sexual experience.

In a massive global marketing campaign that includes TV, billboards, social media, viral videos, and a mobile app, Lifestyles Condoms kicked off the US portion of the campaign with Manhattan’s Fashion Week event Style360. Check out the SKYN Video spots and see why the Lifestyles Condoms campaign promises “This Changes Everything.” Retained by London’s BLAC Agency to oversee the US portion of the global effort, Boston based AMP Agency turned to PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. and its industry leading expertise in live marketing campaigns.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc., the leading North American staffing agency, provided event staff for the Boston, Mass. live marketing sampling event. From November 9th to December 1st, two event staff models and one team lead visited Boston’s trendiest nightlife spots every weekend handing out samples to lucky patrons. With over 400 condoms given out each night and between 200 – 300 interactions, event staff educated attendees about the unique qualities of Lifestyles’ SKYN® condom. Try them now for the experience of a lifetime: Lifestyles Condom Free Samples. Made from the extremely soft polyisoprene, a material stronger than latex, the triple tested SKYN® condoms provide enhanced sensitivity along with a flexible elasticity that conforms to the anatomy.

Wide enthusiasm from patrons greeted event staff; “My girlfriend is taking a break from her IUD, we’ll definitely use this!” asserted one gentleman. Another questioned, “I’ve never tried a latex-free condom, can you really tell a difference?” Carol Carrozza, VP of Global Communications says, “We did blind clinical trials with SKYN®, and latex and polyurethane condoms. People came back saying it just felt different, so we knew we had a winner.” With a 47% increase in sales in the last year, 66% of Lifestyles SKYN® condom users switched after experiencing the unique properties of SKYN® brand condoms. Such results weren’t surprising to one convert encountered by event staff who acclaimed, “I actually love Lifestyles!”

Ansell’s Lifestyles subsidiary offers a variety of products from condoms and lubricants to thrilling vibrating devices promoting their mission “to change safe sex as you know it.” And that mission starts with SKYN®, the closest you’ll ever come to wearing nothing. PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. event staff was excited to bring that message to Bostonians. “The Lifestyles campaign was a lot of fun!” exclaimed one of the gorgeous SKYN Girls PUSH Marketing & Promotions engaged, adding, “The girls were sampling the latex-free condoms in particular and most people seemed to be really excited to try them!” And who wouldn’t be, with increased flexibility and softness, SKYN® condoms promise a sensual experience unlike any other condom brand.

Available in twenty-three countries worldwide including the US, Europe, China, Brazil, India and Thailand, Lifestyles Condoms brand adds strength to parent company Ansell Health Products’ bottom line. With over 95% of participants in one research study recommending SKYN® condoms, it’s easy to see why that strength is expected to continue. “We listened to our consumers and delivered an innovative product that exceeds all others in this segment,” states Magnus Nicolin, CEO of Ansell Ltd.

Exceptionalism and innovation are trademarks of successful companies and successful marketing campaigns. PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. contributes to that success with its multi-tiered partnership capabilities in providing exceptional service and event staff throughout North America. AMP Agency’s Lifestyles Condom Boston marketing effort and the enthusiastic response PUSH Marketing & Promotions’ event staff encountered contributes to AMP Agency’s mission of “Inspired Insights” focusing on a result driven creative approach to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

PUSH Brand Ambassadors Jumpstart Tommy Hilfiger’s Black Friday Nationwide Sales Event

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Replete and sated after Thanksgiving dinners of turkey, stuffing, candied yams and cranberry sauce, Americans turned their attention to the serious business of holiday gift shopping.  Perhaps nothing is more American than the love of classic cool fashion combined with deep holiday season discounts.  On Black Friday, November 23rd, shoppers enjoyed the blending of those two passions.  In towns and cities across the nation, Tommy Hilfiger’s retail outlets welcomed Black Friday customers to a season of savings, style and celebration.  PUSH Marketing & Promotions provided brand ambassadors from Freeport, ME to Grand Prairie, Texas to Tulare, CA and points in between.  As the preeminent international event staffing agency, PUSH Marketing & Promotions teamed with New York based SKA Events as more than a hundred Tommy Hilfiger retail outlets opened their doors in the wee hours of November 23rd.  Black Friday shoppers at Tommy Hilfiger retail outlets discovered deep promotional savings in addition to collecting Goodie Bags handed out by event staff modeling the latest designs from Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic classic American fashion lines.

SKA Events kicked off the Tommy Hilfiger Black Friday campaign with a raucous “All Night Disco Party”.  Check out the video.  SKA Events, an event marketing promotional agency headed by Sonia Juarez engaged PUSH Marketing & Promotions’ expertise in nationwide event staffing to make the campaign a success, saying, “[PUSH Marketing & Promotions staff] were up and working with me at all hours of the night on Thanksgiving, which I know is extremely difficult. Everything came out great with [their] help, and I hope to work with [them] again very soon.”

Tommy Hilfiger, the American born self-taught designer, began his career in traditionally American style at the age of eighteen.  As the second of nine children, Hilfiger foreswore the formal education in engineering proposed by his parents and entered the world of design learning his craft through retailing his own fashion creations in Elmira, New York.  In 1984 Hilfiger founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in New York and began his journey toward the pinnacle of industry success.  Since its debut, the Tommy Hilfiger Group offered shoppers an array of beautifully designed, high quality products that go beyond mere clothing including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, sportswear, denim, and a range of licensed products such as accessories, fragrances and home furnishings.  The iconic red, white and blue flag label adorning Tommy Hilfiger’s classic Americana fashion has become synonymous with a melding of classic form and trendy cool.

Today, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation boasts over $1.1 billion in revenue and serves over 1,000 retail distribution outlets in over 90 countries throughout North America, Europe, Central and South America and Asia Pacific.  Purchased by Phillips-Van Heusen in 2010, Tommy Hilfiger remains the company’s Principal Designer and provides inspiration and leadership in all aspects of the design process.  Tommy Hilfiger designs continue to represent the ultimate cool in upscale American preppy fashion as the leading premium lifestyle brand delivering superior quality and value.

SKA Events “All Night Disco Party”’s energy and enthusiasm boiled over into the Tommy Hilfiger Black Friday campaign as shoppers descended on the retail locations across the country.  PUSH Marketing & Promotions brand ambassadors greeted customers and handed out all the popular Goodie Bags within hours of the event’s inception; “the stores were packed and everyone loved the complimentary Tommy Hilfiger bags filled with branded giveaways” commented one brand ambassador.  Another event staffer lauded the teamwork generating the successful campaign gushing “employees of Tommy Hilfiger’s were great to work with…from our fittings to the actual Black Friday event, fun event overall!”

Increasingly, when national and international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger seek memorable and successful promotional campaign launches, they partner with the industry’s top performers in brand marketing.  No wonder then that SKA Events called on PUSH Marketing & Promotions to provide brand ambassadors for Tommy Hilfiger stores as the foundation for its national promotional campaign.  With superior industry expertise, proprietary technology and intensive brand ambassador training, PUSH Marketing & Promotions quickly and efficiently activates event staff throughout North America ensuring successful promotional events like Tommy Hilfiger’s Black Friday nationwide sales event.