Iconic Harley-Davidson Taps PUSH for 2012 L.A. Auto Show

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The 2012 L.A. Auto Show served up ten days of sneak previews, manufacturer test drives and celebrity appearances as the world’s auto makers debuted more than 50 new makes and models offering car and motorcycle lovers a mind blowing experience. Spanning November 30 – December 9, the L.A. Auto Show has long been famed for permitting unparalleled access to the latest concepts to hit the showrooms and roads across the country.  Harley-Davidson, the iconic American manufacturer of the world’s most famous motorcycle brand, tapped PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. to provide event staff for the ten day blow out.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the premier agency in international live-marketing, promotional and branding campaigns, sent eight event staffers to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Representing the Harley-Davidson brand to the throng, PUSH event staff interacted with thousands of attendees over the course of the show resulting in over 12,000 interactions and countless photo opportunities.  Show goers eagerly straddled Harley-Davidson’s legendary rides on display while event staff signed them up for a chance to win a 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycle of their choice.  Harley-Davidson brought out its best for the L.A. Auto Show and earned high praise from one attendee enthused by the factory paint jobs Scrumper.

Harley-Davidson’s brand offers a unique expression of the American Dream based on the ultimate in freedom, class, and style.  PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff displayed their customary expertise in live-marketing promotion through enthusiastic engagement with attendees prompting the Harley-Davidson representative to say, “The models did an amazing job of staying on task, having fun with the attendees, and representing Harley.”

Harley-Davidson. No two words in the English lexicon offers up such a singular vision of America.  Since its birth in 1901 as the brain child of William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, the Harley-Davidson brand has been synonymous with a love of freedom and adventure.  Born in fits and starts, the first Harley-Davidson prototype hit the road in 1904.  By 1905 Harley-Davidson began advertising to the public and in 1906 opened its first factory and the first Harley-Davidson dealership opened its doors in Chicago.

By 1920 Harley-Davidson had become the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, sold in 67 countries.  From then to now, Harley-Davidson has played a significant role in the shaping of American Culture.  In use during every American conflict since WWI, through the Great Depression and on into modern times, Harley-Davidson has weathered the storms and ravages of economic downturns, restrictive trade practices and challenging competitive environments to become the epitome of the American spirit.

With the advent of the 2013 model year marking the 110th year, Harley-Davidson has long cemented its place in the hearts and minds of motorcycle lovers and adventure enthusiasts around the world.  Future plans for Harley-Davidson including opening a new market in India and its billion strong population already boasting 37 million cyclists and exposing its distinctive motorcycles to the potentially lucrative market.

Wherever Harley-Davidson travels, legends are born.  From Route 66 to Sturgis to the New York-Los Angeles cross country Cannonball Run you’ll find Harley-Davidson leading the way.  Undaunted, unapologetic and sporting unabashed style, Harley-Davidson remains perhaps the most recognized brand in the world.  PUSH Marketing & Promotions welcomed the chance to partner with Harley-Davidson at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show ensuring its event staff enthusiastically represented the brand through its thousands of daily interactions.  “Harley is so much fun to work for!” said a PUSH Marketing & Promotions’ Brand Ambassador, and who could ever disagree?  For the vision Harley-Davidson offers consumers today is just as true as it was in 1901 when its founders dreamed of a future where the freedom of the road and the call of adventure echoed in the hearts and souls of America.  The siren call of freedom resonating throughout the world as millions of Harley-Davidson cyclists around the globe take to the highways and byways, through dusty tracks and lonely Outbacks in search of a vision born in the heartland of America.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. offers industry leading expertise and technological superiority in mobilizing its legions of qualified, trained event staff throughout North America, ensuring branding campaigns, live-marketing strategies and promotional events achieve exceptional success.

The Bonita Spirits Company calls on PUSH for Branding Excellence

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On December 15th and 16th the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona hosted the annual Phoenix Tequila Festival. Bringing together tequila aficionados, fanatics, distillers, and agave farmers with the best bartenders and mixologists in the business for the opportunity to sample the best the industry has to offer. PUSH Marketing & Promotions manned Bonita Spirits’ booth with two bilingual event staff serving as brand ambassadors for the sophisticated Bonita tequila brand alongside celebrity co-owner Xzibit. PUSH Marketing & Promotions, the premier international event staffing agency with corporate offices in Tempe, Arizona leveraged home turf expertise to mobilize event staff for the premier tequila festival in the Valley of the Sun ensuring Bonita Spirits engaged patrons with a branding experience second to none.

Founded in 2010, The Bonita Spirits Company’s sophisticated approach to the production of the finest tequila available soon caught the eye and the palate of multiplatinum superstar Xzibit. Xzibit (Alvin Joiner) burst onto the recording scene in 1996 with his debut “At The Speed of Life” and has achieved legendary status in the entertainment industry using his international success in music to launch a broad reaching career spanning television (Pimp My Ride, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) to the big screen appearing in multiple box office offerings (XXX: State of the Union, 8 Mile, and Derailed to name only a few).

President of The Bonita Spirits Company, Chris Brown, graduate of Southern Illinois University, traveled the world as a commercial pilot starting several companies along the way before launching his effort to take premium brand tequila “Beyond Perfection.” In a move proving fortuitous for his brand, Chris Brown tendered a prototype of his Platinum tequila to recording artist Xzibit. Immediately enthused by his first sampling of Chris Brown’s Bonita Spirits premium brand tequila, Xzibit quickly joined in partnership with the entrepreneur to bring the Bonita Spirits Company brand to the world.

Combining modern technology with traditional artisan craft and organic sustainable farming techniques, Bonita Spirits Company offers a variety of premium tequilas. Raising industry standards with their 5x distillation process and a proprietary 3x cold-stone filtering method, Bonita Spirits Company produces a tequila product aim directly at the sophisticated tastes of the urban consumer. Bonita Platinum, the 100% organic flagship brand takes 10 years to bring from field to market. Through an extended fermenting and roasting process that prevents the introduction of impurities, Bonita Platinum ultra-premium offers a smooth, clean taste ideal for sipping. Wrapped in satin, the Platinum brand comes in a pure crystal bottle exemplifying the tastes of the sophisticated connoisseur.

Ensconced in a prime booth location at the Phoenix Tequila Festival, Xzibit and PUSH Marketing & Promotions event staff offered consumers the chance to sample their premium tequila brand with the entertainment superstar. Patrons departed with souvenir photographs and a new appreciation for Bonita Spirit’s industry leading tequila brands. During the two day fest, bilingual event staff worked side by side with Xzibit handing out samples and engaging thousands of attendees. Enthusiasm and fun ruled the day prompting one event staffer to call it the “[b]est event they ever worked! Xzibit is such a nice guy, would love to work with him and his brand again!”

The more than 4,000 enthused consumers attending the Phoenix Tequila Festival offered praise for the Bonita Spirits Company Platinum ultra-premium tequila brand prompting Chris Brown to report, “We were absolutely overwhelmed with the positive feedback. The support we received from our fans was incredible, and everyone who tried the product complimented us on the quality and the taste.” Key to creating that consumer enthusiasm and client response is PUSH Marketing & Promotions expertise in providing personable and knowledgeable event staff exemplifying Bonita Spirits Company brand. Utilizing social media, proprietary state-of-the-art technology, and extensive experience across a vast array of promotional events and branding campaigns, PUSH Marketing & Promotions continues to set the standard in event staffing and promotional modeling industry. PUSH Marketing & Promotions brought those leading capabilities to the Phoenix Tequila Festival and The Bonita Spirits Company branding effort resulting in lasting consumer conviction that Bonita Platinum ultra-premium tequila was truly “Beyond Perfection.”