PUSH Marketing & Promotions Represented All Over South By Southwest Festival

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The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival is known for its ability to showcase a unique blend of music, films and emerging technologies happening in our world today. Held on March 7-18, the Austin-based event showcased nearly 2,000 musical performances, drew in nearly 20,000 of the world’s most digitally creative minds, not to mention a jam-packed nine days of screenings and film premiers. Putting it simply, the event is the epicenter of all things associated with creative ingenuity.

Because the event is the premier conference featuring all the best in all things music, technology and film, it’s only fitting that many of the sponsoring companies relied on North America’s leading event staffing company for their live staffing needs. PUSH Marketing & Promotions, Inc. was able to provide high-end staffing solutions for a number of different companies represented at SXSW. The services included live staffing services like product ambassadors, demonstrators, models and bartenders for a number of sponsored events all across SXSW.

The staffing services provided include major clients like the official airline of SXSW, American Airlines, which was represented through the Jack Morton Agency. The agency utilized a team of six PUSH ambassadors to service their interactive booths throughout the entire week of SXSW events. These ambassadors helped to inform festival visitors about the latest technological advancements in air travel. The live staff also helped guests access the cell phone charging stations available right inside the American Airlines display area.

But American Airlines is not the only major brand that utilized PUSH services at SXSW; ambassadors could also be found demonstrating the latest and greatest in video games inside the Nintendo gaming area. PUSH staff demonstrated the newest games available for the Nintendo DS device, including some games that haven’t even been released to the public yet. Staff was also able to interact with the event goers in mini gaming competitions. This was all found inside what was known as the “Gaming Lounge” at the Palmer Event Center.

Not only did those well-known companies turn to PUSH staff for help at SXSW, but so did Shellback Rum and New Amsterdam Vodka. The liquor brands served as the host to several parties throughout the event, so several PUSH representatives worked as both brand ambassadors and bartenders at many of the sponsored parties. They also weren’t the only group utilizing PUSH model services either; Fender Guitars also formed a set of street team models to promote their brand throughout the conference.

Even companies as large as SONY used PUSH services in their lounge venues where as many as 10 models at a time were available to promote the electronic-giant’s seemingly endless products and services, like the new Sony X Headphones and Sony Speaker Balls.

The PUSH staff servicing the various brands throughout the SXSW festival offered the highest possible expertise and knowledge for each brand’s specific requests. PUSH representatives work to engage an audience with product knowledge and a friendly atmosphere that event-goers come to expect at premier festivals like SXSW.

PUSH Lumberjacks Flex Their Muscles at Lise Watier’s Urban Forest Beauty Advisor Event

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When Ann Gallery, High View Communication’s founder, needed Toronto’s sexiest male models to portray lumberjacks at the Lise Watier Urban Forest Beauty Advisor show on January 29th, she turned to North America’s leading provider of event staff, brand ambassadors and promotional models, PUSH Marketing & Promotions.  As a full-service public relations firm with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, High View Communications (HVC), specializes in lifestyle brand promotion.  And no beauty brand offers more in lifestyle appeal than Lise Watier.

Through her knowledge and experience addressing women’s issues acquired as the host of a series of television shows, Lise Watier opened the doors on her Lise Watier Institute in 1968 focusing on empowering women and educating them in the essentials of beauty that goes beyond the merely superficial bringing a holistic approach to a total lifestyle engagement.  Four years later Lise Watier Cosmetiques launched its line of beauty products designed to foster in women a great sense of well being and self confidence.  Inspired as a young woman by the empowered women of beauty she met while at boarding school and driven by her passion for bringing out the best in women, Lise Watier brings her inspiration and passion to women everywhere through her trendsetting, iconic beauty products and lifestyle brand.  Committed to bringing only safe products and ingredients to the market, Lise Watier Cosmetiques engage in no animal product testing, using only self-testing on volunteers to ensure all products meet the high quality required by Lise Watier’s exacting standards.  Lise Watier’s YouTube channel offers a fascinating, inspiring look into the leading Canadian prestige cosmetic brand, its clients, customers, beauty advisors and designers that will leave you proud of who you are.

With such demanding values it is no wonder then why Lise Watier turned to the passionate, inspired professionals at High View Communications for the launch of her Urban Beauty Advisor event.  Helmed by Montreal native Ann Gallery, possessing over 20 years of experience and a lengthy curriculum vitae that includes degrees in a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bishop’s University and a Culinary Training Diploma from the Cordon Bleu, High View Communications was founded in 2002 to serve the PR needs of corporate and marketing communications.  Drawing on her extensive experience and expertise, Ann and her partners developed a streamlined approach that combines a lean team of bilingual seasoned professionals specialized to meet a client’s specific market and needs.

Engaged by Lise Watier, HVC turned that nimble power and keen focus to bear on the Lise Watier Urban Forest Beauty Advisor event with inspired passion.  Representing such brands as Lexus, Rock Resorts, and Scaramouche among many more, High View Communications turned to PUSH Marketing & Promotions, North America’s leading provider of event staff and promotional models for the Lise Watier Urban Forest Beauty Advisor event.  Through its proprietary technology and extensive experience in live-marketing and promotional campaigns, PUSH Marketing & Promotions engaged 10 of Toronto’s most attractive, most engaging male models for the Lise Watier event.  Dressed as lumberjacks in red suspenders, the attractive event staff served up trays of tea shooters while entertaining and flirting with event attendees ensuring everyone had a grand time as they were introduced to the new Lise Watier beauty products.  View PUSH Marketing & Promotions Facebook page for a look at just some of the exciting interactions that made the Lise Watier Urban Forest Beauty Advisor event such a resounding success.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, PUSH Marketing & Promotions has ten locations throughout North America with plans to expand to additional markets in the coming months.  International in scope, PUSH Marketing & Promotions offers extensive experience in providing event staff, brand ambassadors and promotional models covering the entire North American continent and beyond.  Blending the power and leveragability of an International Agency with the agility and passion of local talent, PUSH Marketing & Promotions offers its clients personal customer service seldom found outside smaller firms.  With its full time, dedicated team of recruiters, team managers, brand ambassadors, and account specialists, PUSH Marketing & Promotions provides a full service organization second to none.

PUSH Models Get Lucky At Gypsy Bar in CityScape Phoenix

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Photography by Courtney Lively

Where PUSH models go, adventure and high spirits are sure to follow.  Arriving at CityScape Phoenix, the hub for adventurous nightlife in the Valley, PUSH promotional models hit the stratosphere at Gypsy Bar.  Inspired by Lucky Strike Lanes’ owner Steven Foster’s Gypsy Bar in Boston, the Phoenix incarnation brings a unique “adult playground” concept that makes Gypsy Bar more than a restaurant and bar, more than a nightclub, and more than your average adult arcade.

Situated next to its parent company Lucky Strike at 50 W. Jefferson St., Gypsy Bar offers 15,000 square feet of non-stop excitement.  Be on your A-game as you explore all Gypsy Bar provides through the CO2 fog, confetti canons, hazers and striking lighting elements.  Whether you come to join the go-go dancers grinding to the DJ’s pounding tracks, take your chances in the fully-loaded arcade featuring games such as Guitar Hero, NBA Hoops, and Super Bikes, stop for a bite at the full-service restaurant or simply enjoy a libation with old friends and new on the VIP Lounge overlooking the dance floor, Gypsy Bar has something for everyone in search of a legendary night on the town.

Open seven days a week beginning at 11am, Gypsy Bar is quickly becoming an integral part of the CityScape experience.  So enjoy your day exploring all that CityScape has to offer, from a relaxing lunch in Pop Up Park in Patriots Square to a competitive game of pins at Luck Strike Lanes then head on over to Gypsy Bar to sample the posh menu available at the restaurant, have cocktails at the U-shaped bar, of throw down your best moves on the dance floor.

Photography by Courtney Lively

In addition to its unrivaled entertainment potential, Gypsy Bar is available for corporate events and private parties with a high-end state-of-the-art audio/visual system.  Professional event planners are available for a smooth, hassle-free staging process.  Visit Gypsy Bar for a look at just some of what Phoenix’s newest CityScape neighbor has to offer.

Under the guiding hand of general manager, Dallas Henderson, Gypsy Bar is quickly rocketing to the top of Phoenix as the hip hotspot.  Determined to see Gypsy Bar takes its rightful place at the pinnacle of Phoenix nightlife, Henderson’s plans include opening the venue to aerial acts, select live music acts, performance artists and fashion shows.  It’s no wonder then that Gypsy Bar sought out Arizona based PUSH Marketing & Promotions for its photoshoot this January.  Boasting an international reputation second to none, PUSH Marketing & Promotions provides event staffing, Brand Ambassadors, live-event staging and full service branding throughout North America and beyond.

The Gypsy Bar event on January 30th featured ten PUSH models including standouts Johnny, Yunali, and Ashley, two makeup artists and local photographer phenom Courtney Lively for an all day event showcasing Gypsy Bar’s versatility.  With a tight schedule, the shoot highlighted Gypsy Bar’s corporate friendliness as well as its adult nightlife potential, PUSH promotional models exhibited the standards that have long established PUSH Marketing & Promotion as the sin qua non of professionalism, all while ensuring a fun loving, congenial environment.  PUSH Promotional models once again illustrated what makes PUSH Marketing & Promotions the industry leader, prompting the client to remark,”I would like to say everything went great.  All of your help was very much appreciated and being able to pull off hair and make-up artists in the final days was great.  Everyone that was involved was all professionals and great to work with.  We had a great time and [were] really glad with everything.”

When it comes to launching and representing prestigious and sought after brands and events in North America, no one offers such cutting edge technology and promotional industry experience than PUSH Marketing & Promotions.  With its state-of-the-art web interface, PUSH’s full-time team of account specialists, recruiters and booking managers, provides unparalleled brand ambassadors, promotional models and event staff.  Through extensive training and selection, PUSH’s extensive database of talent boasts over 30,000 promotional models, marketers, event managers and brand ambassadors.  From local events to national and international marketing campaigns, PUSH Marketing & Promotions exemplifies expertise and professionalism with a customer commitment unequaled in the industry.