PUSH Rolls Into Bike Week with Over 40 Brand Ambassadors

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions
Four score and sixteen years ago something happened in the small town of Avondale AZ, something that would change the world forever. After many years of praying for a motorcycle event that would bring together a community and promote comradery among participants, Bike Week was born! Since its inception Bike Week has become one of the largest motorcycle events and fundraisers in the nation! This year’s event saw over 60,000 attendees, at the Westworld venue in Scottsdale, coming from as far east as the Midwest to show their motorcycle love and raise money for some very good causes.

Promoters of the event were excited, but companies realized they could not take on such a massive undertaking alone, so they decided to call in some help. They needed an organization that had access to some of the valley’s brightest and most talented brand ambassadors and had a track record of excellence.

So when the time came to staff the event, who were they gonna call? Ghost…I mean PUSH! This huge, eclectic, activation would see our booking managers collaborate with THREE different clients; Brown Forman, Alliance Beverage, and Trask Speed Shop which for other companies might seem difficult, but for us it was just another fun campaign. In total we would need 40 ambassadors who were smart, communicative, and above all else could represent the products/brands to the highest of caliber.

If you stopped by any of these three client areas chances are you mingled with our beautiful ambassadors and didn’t even realize they were with PUSH and not the companies they were representing. Each client had different requirements for their brand ambassadors, but what remained the same is the quality of promoter PUSH was able to secure for each.

In order to engage the diverse crowd that made up the colossus undertaking that is Bike Week, our representatives would do a variety of tasks which included handing out promotional gear, product sampling, general excitement generators and what is bike week without riding bikes! Yes, our ambassadors threw on their leather chaps and rode custom motorcycles around the venue interacted with the crowd. This year our Harley heroines included a team of seasoned veterans and PUSH rookies including Krislyn G., Alyx L., Irina T., Michelle L., and Brooke E, laughs were had, photos were taken, and many memories were made. With celebrity attendees Ryan Hurst and Mark Boone from Sons of Anarchy Bike Week was sure to pocket another successful year.

Throughout the event, PUSH was oncall 24 hours a day to ensure all brand ambassadors were prepared and ready to represent. Each client was sent their team’s roster as well as the lead booking manager’s number. Renz has been with PUSH now for quite a while and has proven himself time and time again with major accounts, so with him in charge satisfaction was guaranteed. Through hard work and the dedication of the PUSH team our brand ambassadors got the word out on some very cool companies leaving everyone with great feedback on their ten day experience.  Billy from Twisted Tea was even quoted saying, “I’m very happy with the models- no issues at all…very pleased with the way they represented the brand.” Words to live by Billy, words to live by.

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PUSH Brings Beauty and Charisma to Songkran Celebration

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions
When you think of PUSH you think of trade shows, promotional events, national marketing campaigns, and more, but did you know that PUSH also staffs cultural events and religious celebrations? Within our database of over 40,000 dynamic brand ambassadors, we have a diverse array of talent from every age group, culture, and ethnic background ready to represent your organization for ANY event! This was proven true this past week as PUSH was called upon to staff the Songkran Thai New Year Celebration at the Sunnataram Meditation Monastery in Escondido California.

At first, staffing this cultural event seemed like a monumental task. Our client ‘Quantum Physicians Medical Group’ requested female Asian models with long black/brown hair, that were at least 5’ 7”, and a size 2 or 4 with…an open mind. Needless to say it would take a Thai miracle to find the right fit, but our dedicated team of booking managers was up for the task. Immediately they began screening models that met the criteria and though there were many that could work the event, finding the perfect models would require creative problem solving and a strong shot of Bangkok Cooler.

Our first booked model was Lisa C. she was eager to be a part of this event and as an Asian American she felt she could represent PUSH to its fullest saying, “This is a really great experience for me.” With one model down and three to go, our booking managers invoked some ‘outside of the box’ thinking. Palomar College in Escondido was contacted and through their extracurricular department our next Buddha beauty was found. Stacy L. was a great addition to the team stating, “As a Thai Student I am thrilled to be a part of such a great event! Songkran is about more than just celebrating the New Year it is about bringing people together.”

We definitely brought people together with our dynamic duo Vanessa B. and Michelle M. Best friends for years both had extensive experience in modeling and our client fell in love with them immediately. The energy of the team was high, the event was set, and the day was fast approaching, but we needed one more teammate to act as “backup” for this event.

PUSH has a 100% customer satisfaction policy; therefore all events booked require a “backup” to accommodate any incidentals or additions with the talent.

After many hours of screening we located the perfect model that could bring both beauty and charisma to an already established group. Nancy C. was new to the PUSH family, but her look was stunning and her attitude infectious. With her in place our team was complete and we were ready to celebrate the Thai New Year in style.

This event would see our models representing fairy princesses as Noble Truths, for the celebrations’ Impermanence of Life Sand Pagoda Ceremony. They would be fitted with traditional costumes known as “Ao Dai” and recite lines to complete an ancient and profound ritual. Our models were thrilled with the opportunity to participate in such a unique activity saying, “This event has been one of the best experiences of my life!” The ceremony was so moving it even brought a tear to the eyes of one of our lotus ladies.

After the release of the 99 doves the event was over for our team and our client was left with nothing but positive thoughts and a single lone quote, “PUSH is awesome!” The planets had aligned culminating in a truly exceptional group of event staff and another satisfied customer.

PUSH Marketing & Promotions Takes Over South Beach At Ultra Music Festival

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When thinking about Miami, it’s often synonymous with hot cars, great music and of course, beautiful people. So when legendary DJ and Grammy award-winner, AfroJack, needed the most experienced and engaging talent for his exposure at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, he of course looked to the expertise of the premier event staffing company in North America, PUSH Marketing & Promotions.

Boasting some of the world’s most well-known DJ’s and an unparalleled high-energy production in the thriving city of Miami, ULTRA Music Festival is known widely as the premier event for all electronic music lovers. Now in its 15th year, the event focuses on producing and highlighting some of the world’s best in electronic dance music performances year after year. Ulta has even been named numerous times as the “Best Music Event” by the International Dance Music Awards.

During the event, PUSH models and brand ambassadors took over the streets of Miami in custom designed AfroJack sports cars. They made various stops throughout Miami where they were able to mingle and engage with the public. The models also posed for photos with electronic music lovers all across Miami. The models were asked to encourage and educate event-goers to use and search photos and tags on Twitter and Instagram under the word, “#jacked.” The promotional results of those efforts were definitely displayed throughout social media outlets both during and after many of the Ultra events the AfroJack team was involved with.

Many other PUSH models were selected by AfroJack’s team to work throughout the festival as “beach ball” models. These models created a fun and enthusiastic environment while distributing thousands of AfroJack branded t-shirts, tank tops and of course, beach balls.

As live events go, challenges arise on occasion. When the models outfits didn’t arrive on time for the first day of the festival, PUSH staff altered the uniform, incorporating AfroJack merchandise and a coordinated look. The end result was awesome, with the models looking as striking and eye-catching as ever.

An AfroJack representative even commented on the caliber of PUSH’s services at the festival, “The models were chosen because they had great track records with PUSH, and they were very communicative during the whole process of the multiday event.”

The client gave Miami promotional model Haydee a raving review, “[Haydee is a] great promotional model.  She arrived on site and on time with a great attitude.”  Promo models Coralie and Vivian received similar praise from PUSH booking managers.

The Ultra Music Festival is a perfect example of what sets PUSH Marketing & Promotions ahead of other staffing service providers. Models and ambassadors worked diligently to make sure they were able to service the client with not only beauty and personality, but with the trust that results of the event will exceed expectations. This is part of the reason AfroJack and his team continues to return to PUSH Marketing & Promotions time and time again for event services. They simply desire the best in live marketing services available in North America.