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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

As an international staffing agency PUSH Marketing & Promotions has taken on numerous clients over the years and fulfilled a variety of roles with our incredibly diverse database of event staff and technology. However, for some clients it takes more than an outgoing personality and professional demeanor to fully represent their brands. There are typically only two reasons why PUSH will be called in. ONE to help launch new products into the market place or 2. TWO, educate the public on existing products and or services and gain more brand recognition. These product launches and demonstrations are vital to those brands looking to target their consumers face to face and believe me when I say adding that personal touch sometimes speaks louder than the product itself.

One of the marketing and advertising firms who use PUSH for just these types of services is Pello. Pello is responsible for the Sony experimental live marketing activations. As we all know Sony is consistently engineering new products and technologies for companies and consumers alike. Pello utilizes our exceptional ambassadors yearly for such events as technology conferences, trade shows, and product launches. So when the time came for their Sony Wired Business Conference in New York City of course PUSH was asked to help staff and prepare their event. This event proved to be no problem for our agency and product demonstrations were something that we were becoming experts on. And for this particular product demonstration it was our job to ensure our staff was essentially “true product experts”, so we turned to a nifty little site called cyber scholar to help bring our ladies up to speed.

Whether it is learning your ABCs or how to calculate the square root of pi, education is a cornerstone of bettering oneself and as members of the PUSH team we pride ourselves on providing the necessary education to our talent transforming them into more efficient promoting and marketing machines. Through our innovative PUSH system our team of booking managers and sales experts can create customizable surveys and tests specifically geared toward your products and brand. Incorporating necessary benchmarks will ensure you are staffing only the BEST. Interactive modules can help in the screening process, essentially passing through only ambassadors that are familiar with the various features of tomorrow’s feats of wonder. For clients like Pello they expect nothing less, so after completing the necessary modules our digital divas were ready to tackle this event armed with a sharp mind and a of course a comfortable heel.

Customer satisfaction is always our number one goal and in today’s fast paced ever changing market offering these tools and services poses and interesting opportunity for our clients to stay ahead of the curve. It has been said that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, which is why it is called the present, so why not give the gift of education whenever possible and in the process if you can educate potential customers about your products and services then so be it.

At the end of the day the Sony Wired Business Conference was a success. Their new 4k televisions, in stores now, had beautiful ambassadors talking about the various specs and our client got the kind of representation that they deserved. Technology is not slowing down, but a little PUSH goes a long way and with the right education and tools every brand and every product has the chance to stay ahead of the race.

PUSH Provides Additional Depth to Activations with Staff Uniforms

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

Often times we are asked, “how does one become a promotional model/brand ambassador” to that I present the five rules of Live Marketing event staffing success. In order to help illustrate these rules, I give you our gorgeous brand ambassadors of the Kentucky Derby Jessica M. and Sarah W.

When Manno Media came to PUSH for talented, outspoken, and petite ambassadors our team of booking agents went to work to find the best representation possible.

Rule #1, look is everything so take pride in yours. Most people, outside of the industry, believe that people only want tall, Caucasian, and skinny models and while sometimes that is true most of the time people are looking for someone that can relate to and educate the public with grace and professionalism. So, if you want to take up modeling it is important to take pride in the look you have and refine it, because you may be exactly what a company is looking for to represent them.  Take Jessica and Sarah, coming in at around 110 pounds and under 5’ 3” both had the look and size that our client needed for this event. The Kentucky Derby is synonymous with horses and jockeys and that is exactly the kind of look our client was wanting. Though many tall and exotic women applied for this event, it was Jessica and Sarah that were the perfect fit.

Rule #2, costumes are sometimes essential for a promotion so be ready to wear anything. For this event, our brand ambassadors needed to sport an authentic Jockey uniform. Using our in-house creative department (PUSH TACTICS) was able to quickly produce the perfect costume to fit the role and had it shipped to our client for this dynamic event.  Though some people might not think a helmet and itchy pants are their thing, Jessica and Sarah took to the outfits almost immediately. The pictures, as you can see, speak for themselves as do the accommodating attitudes of our exceptional beauties.

Rule #3, never be afraid to try anything once. As a promotional model you may find yourself in a situation that is a little outside your comfort zone, but to really make it in this industry it is always important to remember that these events are about representing a brand/company to a targeted population, and who knows you may like what you are being asked to do even if it isn’t your ‘cup of tea’. Our lovely ladies had an opportunity to partake in horse riding and though it was a new experience for our ambassadors, opportunities like this sometimes only come around once in a blue moon.

Rule #4, seize the moment! This is less of a rule and more of a general lifestyle mantra. Though it may be trite, life is short so live every day to its fullest because you may not get another chance. As a promotional model, this is definitely a way to live. Turning down that one great job, because you are worried about the outfit may cost you more than a couple of bucks. The memories that our models make while working these promotions will stay with them long after the event. Even now we celebrate the successes of our teams’ accomplishments as often as possible because that encouragement leads to better performance and happier clients long after the event.

Finally, Rule #5, an agency’s clients are the MVP so treat them well. When I think of PUSH I think of a well-oiled machine, through team work we are able to accomplish tasks that a larger team might not be able to tackle. As a promotional model it is your responsibility to become a part of that well-oiled machine, therefore while onsite represent yourself and the organization to the best of your abilities. Sickness happens, the weather doesn’t always agree with you, and sometimes the public can be a little too much to handle, but each event is a new opportunity to rise above all of that and present yourself as a PUSH five star model. So I ask, do you have what it takes to be a promotional model/brand ambassador? Follow these simple rules and only time will tell.