PUSH Facilitates Reveal of World’s Largest Lego Model in New York City

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

Close your eyes and imagine a time in your life when things made sense…for most people that time would be their childhood. When we were younger, we were told what to do and where to be; there wasn’t really a lot to think about, except for when it came to play time. Give me some action figures and building blocks and you could keep me busy for hours. However, for some reason when we get older we are told to put away childish toys, to set aside our imaginations and “grow up”. Here at PUSH we create opportunities for our ambassadors to live like kids again. Whether that be playing trivia games with customers, dressing up in costumes at conventions, or like in the case of this past week, build ships and sets made entirely out of LEGOS!

When those iconic words, “Luke I am your father” were uttered in the 1980 film Star Wars episode V, pop culture was changed forever. So when Star Wars and LEGO joined forces in May of this year, the event that rolled out in the heart of Times Square NYC was bound to be an experience of a lifetime. Bringing together two brands that represent the best of what was, what is, and what is yet to come would bring out the kid in anyone young or old, but first there were many things to do, many pieces to the puzzle and Jack Morton turned to none other than PUSH Marketing and Promotions to help see the job was done right.

We needed to staff 27 brand ambassadors, an onsite PUSH event manager, and a complete team of backups to help make this three day event an epic  success. For the role of team manager Caitlin S. jumped at the opportunity saying, “This has been a dream event of mine for years!” The client needed a diverse team to handle the dynamic demographic that was the Star Wars/LEGO brands fan base so immediately we turned to seasoned ambassadors like Paula G. and Michael A. Their roles would include managing the photo booths with Yoda, implementing the LEGO building centers with Darth Vader, and of course overseeing the interactive learning stations where guests could test their skills of the Star Wars Universe. Briana G., a PUSH employee, was onsite to ensure smooth sailing and proper transition of all storm troopers.

By the end of the event our client came to us raving about our team saying, “Caitlin and the team were dynamite…exemplifying what we were looking for, keeping up the energy and creating memorable experience(s) for guests”. So how exactly were we able to secure such a wonderful team? Our technological capabilities allow us to digitally screen and train applicants gauging their knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our online tests ensure that only qualified ambassadors can apply, and with a basic likert scale we can rate each ambassador so only the BEST make it to the final team. For this client we pulled out all of the stops, offering online surveys prequalifying talent, and then running background checks on the entire roster assuring that each ambassador was child friendly.

Our system can also incorporate online training modules not only educating but also walking our ambassadors through field scenarios and best practices ensuring optimal effectiveness and efficiency. Once the information has been properly reviewed our testing applications can be as in depth as our client feels is necessary ranging from questions such as “When was this brand first introduced?” to “What are the five main ingredients of this product?” Training materials (such as documents and or video) get attached to each training module as to prepare each ambassador for each test. A pass/fail percentage is selected by the customer (normally 80%) and only if the brand ambassador “passes” the test getting 80% of the answers right can they even apply for the activation. This guarantees that the brand ambassador has gone though the training and is prepared for the activation.

If any of this sounds impressive, than I have done my job, because these types of services are something that other agencies just can’t offer. Our data monitoring, digital training, and online testing abilities allow our clients the peace of mind that they are receiving the best representation for their brands while at the same time not breaking the bank.

Though we didn’t have access to the force our ability to help create an experience for over 30,000 attendees was equally impressive and the partnership between PUSH and firms such as Jack Morton would definitely see multiple episodes and many more successes.