PUSH Staffs Pitbull and Ke$ha Nationwide Tour for Voli Vodka

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing amp; promotions

The entertainment industry presents a myriad of spectacles for our society to behold, whether it is the stage, music, television, or cinema there can truly never be a dull moment. Live entertainment takes it one step further providing a feast for our senses and creating opportunities to unite the masses under one common banner.  Live events are also the perfect opportunity to promote a new product. With a diverse demographic of your target audience all in one place the amount of brand exposure is ALMOST priceless. At the same time being able to broadcast your brand to consumers that are not necessarily within your target audience translates to increased sales and continual revenue generation potential. Voli Vodka is just one of the many brands that utilize this marketing strategy and this year they are collaborating with the mega stars Ke$ha and Pit Bull for their North American tour! Markets such as Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Cincinnati and more will be blasted with a live entertainment experience to tantalize their eyes and ears while at the same time being exposed to the delectable delight that is Voli Vodka. Though the mixology of the collaboration was good, it could be great which is why PUSH Marketing and Promotions was brought on board.

Our database of talented http://www.bellayoscura.com/bella_y_oscura–rick_deliz.html
brand ambassadors can appeal to many different demographics while at the same time educating the consumer on some of the finer points of the product. Through our articulate communicators we can appeal to the masses on a personal level which is something that a brand such as this needed in order to make gains within the market. When it comes to the management of a program of this magnitude our National Account specialists were called in to collaborate with the client on identifying brand needs, strategies for success, and term goals. It was then up to us to implement the program which meant monitoring the ambassadors, providing training, and overseeing logistics. Though this wouldn’t be the first time we were given the trust to just “make it happen” it would be the first time that we would do it with this level of minimal supervision.

As the program began our ambassadors took to the promotion almost immediately. Our onsite team collected consumer responses and captured POS numbers thus helping to evaluate the efficacy of our efforts. Our client, pleased with the results, continued to trust our team to see the campaign through. As we moved into the next few market new strategies were put into place to improve overall efficiency. Our ambassadors, now completely self-sufficient, would represent the brand at each concert’s VIP area to ensure guests were treated to samples of the innovative flavors while at the same time monitoring consumer feedback.  Recruitment tightened and talent descriptions were drafted, our team had the task of assuring each ambassador was as prepared as possible and we would do whatever it took to make it happen. Though we have only just begun to enhance the series in the markets we have activated in, more markets are still yet to come and though the temperature will increase throughout the nation we are determined to keep things cool for our team, our client, and of course Pit Bull.

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