PUSH Invades New York Comic Con with Brand Ambassadors

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions
Creating an experience is the best way to get your audience involved at any event. Through collaboration PUSH helps to create engaging onsite experiences by preparing our talent for an array of roles. This past weekend the PUSH ambassadors invaded New York Comic Con in New York City ultimately delivering true experiences for attendees.

At this year’s event we partnered with two powerhouses in the gaming world, Nintendo and Namco Bandai. With a large contingent of models present at the event assisting with two major clients we had to ensure that the proper personalities were recruited, trained, and present during the four day extravaganza. Getting our team prepared and at the venue was the “easy” part; the challenge was how they were going to compete with the hordes of costumed heroes and celebrities throughout the weekend.


The first day was a little rough; our team met with each client’s onsite representatives and essentially was given the lay of the land, which laid a strong foundation for the rest of the event. Knowing which booths were in proximity and which attractions were going to be showcased, and at what times, gave our teams an idea of how to effectively strategize their marketing techniques. Day two and three our teams went full throttle in creating a true gaming experience. Our ladies wore brightly colored makeup, did onsite videos with fans, recorded a variety of commercials, posed for pictures, and played their hearts out to some of the best titles of 2014. As gaming demonstrators our ambassadors went through some intense training both onsite and through online modules, but ultimately that really helped take them to the next level. By the end of Day three hundreds of people gathered at the booths leaving with fond memories and an increased excitement for Nintendo and Namco. But NYCC is not just another promotion and only one character could truly close out the event right, therefore our model Julia N. was sent in to take on the physical embodiment of one of the most beloved and iconic characters in all of gaming, MARIO!

Nintendo has had our ambassadors take on Mario before and preparing for such a massive endeavor takes a lot of practice and a strong will, not to mention many, many, energy shots. Mario brought down the house and made cameo appearances throughout Comic Con. All of our ambassadors did a great job representing Nintendo and Namco, our team leads went above and beyond the call of duty. Florencia C. purchased makeup at Sephora for her team while Natalie B. worked to keep her team on track and focused with schedules, breaks, and check-ins. When all was said and done our ladies left the event with some great experiences and we would like to believe that the NYCC attendees did the same.

Prescreening Ensures Client Satisfaction at Phoenix A’fare

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

As a National Account Coordinator I am asked a lot by our ambassadors what they can do to get selected for more promotions. The answers are pretty simple, apply to become PUSH Premium, become a Facebook Marketer, and above all else once selected for an opportunity always bring your “A” game. All of those things are important and definitely help our talent stand out, but ultimately what determines whether or not someone gets booked is the screening calls.

Screenings are vital in the selection process because they determine how we, the booking managers, feel about a specific applicant. Through each screening we measure the ambassador’s enthusiasm for the promotion, personality type, communication skills, experience, attitude, and level of dependability. Such was the case when we were approached by Secrets for Adults Only requesting a team of 7 for the Phoenix New Times “Best of Phoenix A’fare” this past weekend. Each year the Phoenix New Times hosts a poll for consumers to dub their favorite businesses the coveted “Best of Phoenix” title. This yearly process helps drive traffic to the winning businesses and the “Best of Phoenix” issue put out by the New Times is something that Phoenicians keep throughout the year. Secrets for Adults Only needed talented models to showcase their Halloween line up, but more than that they were looking for charming men and women to also engage attendees.


Being a Brand Ambassador is not for everyone and even fewer people can be charming with complete strangers. In order to meet the needs of our client our corporate booking team engaged over 100 applicants testing their charm, articulation, and attitude. Each model would need to go through two to three costume changes and costumes ranged from sexy pirates to mythical unicorns. Wearing such sexy yet outlandish costumes would require a level of confidence only our booking team could verify. The popular phrase around the office became “Anyone can wear a fairy costume, but only a PUSH model can wear it right”. Once the personality screenings were completed we then had a pool of approximately 20 ambassadors to choose from. Our physical screenings gave our booking team the opportunity to gauge our candidate’s physique to ensure that they were the right sizes for the event. The goals of our client were simply; show each costume off with style and sex appeal. Through our physical screenings we had narrowed our options down to about ten ambassadors. Out of the ten seven were selected to represent Secrets.

The process is not something that just anyone can do. Though we have many attractive individuals to represent our clients around the world not all of them can pull off all events. Our booking team is trained to look for key attributes to define the efficiency and skill level of each applicant. Each booking manger is also trained to look for red flags that may spell disaster for an event because at the end of the day it is our booking managers that are left to resolve the problem if indeed one arises. Though it is not an easy job it is something that we take pride in and as a company PUSH has a less than 1% no show rate and a much higher satisfaction rating making us an industry leader and a trusted partner amongst our clients.

To see the full slide show from the BEST OF PHOENIX A’FARE click here

PUSH Uses Extensive Database to Meet Client’s Specific Needs for Tough Mudder

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

PUSH books many diverse events all across North America, but from time to time we are called upon to really get down and dirty for our clients, a perfect example of this is the Tough Mudder events held worldwide. This incredibly challenging obstacle course/marathon is proclaimed to be the hardest in the world, yet for each event our ambassadors always rise to the occasion, eager to represent Degree.

For our client, Walton Isaccson, they rely on the PUSH team to not just book articulate, attractive, and professional ambassadors we also need to delve into the lives of our talent just a little bit more in order to compile individual bios for each model. The profile for these types of activations is always the same yet the process for gathering the right talent options is a fairly intricate endeavor often times taking weeks. First we contact all five star ambassadors in the given market; after we confirm availability we then must collect two candid personal photos (without makeup and in work out attire) and a fitness regimen breakdown. Saying these events are tough is an understatement, they require participants to undergo weeks of training just to complete the course, the weather conditions are sometimes rocky to say the least, and most obstacles are taken directly from Military training courses and include electric wire traps and rock walls. With all of this in mind the ambassadors working the event need to be equally tough. Often times we will only screen talent that work out rigorously each week, participate and train for marathons and national fitness competitions, and live a very active lifestyle. We need each applicant’s diet, employment, and in all cases general stats. Our client’s ideal ambassador is 5’7” tall, 110-120 pounds, and less than 18% body fat, which sometimes is difficult to find, but we always see it through.

Once the ideal candidates are found the PUSH team then goes into training mode. Prior to the event the team must participate in one team conference call, sometimes one additional team training call, night before team meeting, and day of team training. The events run from 6:30am to 6:00pm with little to no breaks, so stamina is definitely a deciding factor for bookings. During the event constant communication is essential to determine proper brand messaging at the various “legs” of the event. As promotional materials are handed out and the attendees are engaged our ambassadors are personal motivators ensuring everyone stays positive and ready to tackle their next obstacle. When it is all said and done by the end of the second day thousands of participants would have crossed the finish line and become more familiar with Degree for Men and Women. Meanwhile our team while still gathering their strength regroups to complete the necessary recaps with the client and the PUSH booking managers. Though the event is difficult our ambassadors remain professional, social, friendly, and motivating ultimately assuring a continual partnership between PUSH marketing and promotions and Walton Isaccson. #ToughMudder, #Awesomeevent, #PUSH4LIFE