PUSH Plows into the Snow Show with Yamaha!

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

Over the past few months we have featured some of the hottest and most innovative events throughout the U.S market, but as an international agency we cannot leave out the exciting collaborations we have with our neighbors to the north… Canada. Canada is an interesting market, because the sheer mass and distance between provinces combined with a truly diverse culture (depending on the region) makes recruiting and training a challenge. The needs of our clients always come first and for Canada our booking and sales teams really work hard to identify each campaign’s goals and each client’s objectives clearly so as to communicate everything effectively to the talent. This practice has been implemented time and time again; such was the case with this past month’s Yamaha Motors Canada partnership.

In October we launched our first promotion with this highly recognizable brand and from start to finish it was like no other event we had ever staffed. We knew that Yamaha doesn’t hire a lot of promotional representatives; therefore we really had to put our best foot forward, which is what we did with the lovely and talented Traci T. Traci has proven that she has what it takes to be a rockstar. She is articulate, intelligent, personable, outgoing, and of course very attractive, everything Yamaha was looking for from their tradeshow ambassadors. As the events progressed we found that selecting the right talent would take more time, but to meet the expectations of Yamaha we were definitely up to the challenge.

During activations our ambassadors would engage with the attendees of various shows and expos passing out promotional materials, collecting leads, and encouraging sign ups for the “My Yamaha” contest. The metrics that our client used would help keep our team focused while providing boundaries for our talent to stay within.

Ambassador Tip: Clear onsite responsibilities will always help to ensure a smooth activation. Ambassadors will do what they are supposed to do (99% of the time) if it is clearly communicated.

We would be judged based on how many sign ups we had, how many people we interacted with, and how many contacts we collected. On our first promotion we managed to collect 350+ contacts, which had it not been for some minor hiccups that number could have easily been well over 500. Our ambassadors also helped to keep participants engaged longer at the booth allowing for representatives to have more impressions. Finally, our ladies blew through the promo “one shot” Yamalube products with ease thus spreading overall brand awareness. Though these objectives are typical in the industry, client relationships and overall customer satisfaction differ which is why we are happy to report that Yamaha Motors Canada were pleased with the caliber of ambassadors we have been able to produce saying, “”The girls did a great job! Both of them made sure to speak to everyone that entered the booth, customers were more than happy to enter their info for the giveaways. This is a great way to engage the customer and gather some valuable data.” – Booth captain Saskatchewan Show. We are also pleased to report that because of the reception we have received and the hard work of our Canadian roster PUSH Marketing and Promotions has secured the full contract for all trade shows across Canada numbering upwards of 20+ individual events! Yamaha Motors Canada is a motorsports company, selling vehicles, such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and more to learn more about them check out their website http://www.yamaha-motor.ca or to learn more about our exciting partnership visit the PUSH website often www.pushmodels.com.

PUSH Wants you to Show us your Little Black Dress

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By David Zozaya | PUSH marketing & promotions

PUSH Marketing and Promotions recognizes that as the times change so does the fashions, but one item, made popular by Coco Chanel in the 1926 issue of Vogue Magazine, has proven time and time again to be an everlasting reflection of elegance and beauty. This past month our office had an opportunity to work with Little Black Dress vodka. This high end vodka brand developed a series of promotions to promote the item of clothing that never goes out of style…the little black dress. Choosing a partner for their campaign really came down to selecting an agency that is established in the industry but that could also appreciate the goals of the campaign. Our client’s objectives were clear:

1) To increase brand awareness of Little Black Dress Vodka in order to gauge public reception and increase sales
2) Promote the Little Black Dress through visual messaging and national demonstrations
3) Align the elegance of the Little Black Dress with the sophistication of Little Black Dress vodka

The simplicity of the Little Black Dress, or “LBD”, is partly why it is valued. Through our collaborations we are much like the little black dress, never really going out of style and able to be paired with just about any company in any industry. From national Alcohol distributors to international fashion brands PUSH has staffed some of the best ambassadors from across the U.S and Canada to assure events run smoothly and key brand messaging is disseminated effectively. From time to time the industries collide creating a truly unique experience for the public , and to say this event was nothing short of an incredible experience is an understatement. This promotion would see a synchronized blend of live event marketing and social media marketing all in an effort to increase brand awareness and celebrate a time honored classic.


Twelve beautiful and articulate ambassadors were chosen to usher in Little Black Dress day which took place on October 19th. For one whole week awareness of this annual event was created by implementing “Flash Cat Walks” in various markets across the United States. Our ambassadors would strut their stuff in their best Little Black Dresses holding up signs asking “What does yours look like?” and “How does yours make you feel?”. Slightly provocative yet definitely eye catching. Through the promotion our black dress beauties engaged thousands of consumers and just like the paparazzi snapped dozens of photos of ladies sporting their very own timeless LBDs. Our PUSH team has worked with the client Redmoon Marketing for a long time and after the event they had this to say, “I know an hour and a half walking is tough (esp in heels) but the girls did good…They are all troopers!” As a social media campaign the twittersphere was buzzing with comments and photos alike, so needless to say the event was a success and in the words of Vogue Magazine “A little black dress makes a woman feel beautiful and glamorous. It’s long-lasting, versatile and affordable to a large market of women, and is certainly here to stay” just like PUSH Marketing and Promotions.