PUSH Adds Energy to the Festival of Colors

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Diabolo Beverages is an ambassador of everything that is fun and delicious and the company has lately been a prominent part of all major events. This summer, the sparkling refreshment company decided to infuse the Holi Festival of colors held in Nevada, Las Vegas with their energy and taste. The event that took place on 26th April attracted the young and young-at-heart who were already oozing with great energy and was the ideal place for Diabolo to keep everyone on their feet with free samples of their beverages. And who better to inject the attendees with the added dose of energy than the event staffing team from PUSH Promotions and Marketing.

For this colorful and vibrant event we choose 4 of our most outstanding event staff who we were sure would get the product samples in the right hands. Among the team, the 2 brand ambassadors that exhibited exceptional talent in interacting with the crowd and stood out the most were Katrina Armenta and Jillian Elvenia. The two not only had the right experience as promotional models and waitressing respectively, their personalities are such that they would add life to any event they become a part of. Bursting with positive energy themselves and displaying a welcoming smile on their pretty faces, the two were able to achieve the product sampling targets with the help of great team effort.

During the activation, brand ambassadors were to sample over 2 palettes of Diabolo to attendees of the Holi Festival. Flaunting Diabolo’s branded t-shirts and supporting marketing material, the ambassadors were able to successfully distribute all of the products that they were provided with.

Although the main event was a gigantic success, the event preceding it posed a slight challenge for PUSH Promotions and Marketing. We were given only a few days’ notice by the client to arrange for a canopy tent, coolers and displays on location in Las Vegas.  Furthermore, we also had to find a way to transport the Diabolo product to the site.  Like always, PUSH rose to the challenge and with the help of its great team managed to get everything in place, in time. We were able to coordinate with a local event company who delivered the canopy and coolers on the day of the event, and our Field Managers were able to transport the product from the storage facility to the park hosting the Holi Festival.

As the goal of increasing Diabolo’s brand awareness was achieved successfully, the event was concluded with the one of the ambassadors commenting, “This was a fun and energizing event to work at. The atmosphere was relaxed and positive, the customers were happy with our attitudes as well as Diabolo, and the bands even praised us (the company and us) while performing on stage.” – Jillian

With one great event behind us, we have much more to look forward to!