The Eagle One Giveaway Makes Waves at the SEMA Show Thanks To PUSH’s Brand Ambassadors!

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The SEMA show kicked off with a bang on the 4th of November, 2014 at 9 in the morning; the show was held at the Las Vegas Convention centre. It was a one day show that ended late in the evening. Every year, thousands of buyers come down for one of the single largest conventions on the Las Vegas calendar which introduces new products and car parts to the automotive industry.

In collaboration with TSMGI, a prominent marketing group, PUSH created yet another success at the 2014 SEMA show with the Eagle One giveaway, thanks to the efforts of our brand ambassadors. It was definitely something we at PUSH were excited about. Who doesn’t love cars and the chance to meet thousands of enthusiastic car lovers from around the country! Every year, the SEMA show is anticipated to increase in number of attendees, and this year was no less.

PUSH has had an amazing ride so far and gained experience working with world-renowned brands and companies. Adrenaline was running high at the convention; the PUSH ambassadors were prepped and ready for the responsibilities they had to fulfill during the show. Three of our best ambassadors, Debora, Blanca, and Denille, were brought to the fore for this particular activation. They were chosen due to their experience handling and attracting large crowds gracefully- this was the demand for the SEMA show.


The ambassadors raised awareness about the client’s latest products being introduced in the market by handing out various product samples such as car care products, cleaners, sprays, decals, and coupons. People who attended the SEMA show lined up to take pictures with the beautiful giveaway car, and of course, the PUSH ambassadors. Push ambassadors are trained on communication skills and they are aware of the marketing and selling tactics that need to be deployed at such events to maximize brand exposure and visibility.

Our ambassadors were able to pull off the activation effectively, making it look effortless. A major chunk of attendees took part in the giveaway and PUSH ambassadors interacted with them showing them how to go about entering the giveaway, taking pictures in front of the car, and handing out the product samples. The overall event was a great success with high energy and positive comments from clients and attendees. The team itself had a blast. One of the PUSH girls, Blanca, exclaimed, “Thank you for booking me for the SEMA event. I had such a great time!”