PUSH puts L’Oreal Hair Expertise On the Map Through a Nationwide Promotional Campaign

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There are many challenges that global brands face when launching a new brand. What should be the strategy to launch? You’ve only got one shot. The first impression is most certainly the last. So, how do you go about kicking off your fantastic new product?

At PUSH, we have a simple policy: if you’re going to launch, GO BIG!

The launch of new products is one of the most crucial phases that determines and paves the way for its monumental success or colossal failure. So when L’Oreal hired PUSH to launch their L’Oreal Hair Expertise product line, they wanted a national campaign that would aim to demonstrate the product features of the new Hair Expertise product, and use strategic sales techniques to spark interest and probe trials. Using a team of trained PUSH brand ambassadors, we delivered just that!


L’Oreal Hair Expertise Promotion – Crafting A Well Thought Out Strategy

When PUSH markets brands, there is absolutely no room for mistakes. Acting as representatives of your company, we ensure that every phase of the promotion is aligned to the marketing goals. So here’s how we kicked things off with the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Promotion:

Developing An Extensive Training Video

As a national event staffing company, we were able to develop a comprehensive training video regarding the products that prospects would have to view. At the end of the training, the talent answered a series of questions. The passing score was fixed at 90%, with three tries to pass. Using this new training technology has been the perfect way to get our talent to truly represent the brand to their fullest. The script, direction, video and editing was headed up by PUSH Tactics Specialist, Chris McDaniel, who did an incredible job. Take a look at the video below.

The Role of the Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors act as a public face for your brand. For L’Oreal, PUSH took it to the next level, educating and training hundreds of talent in a short duration of time, equipping them to connect and engage with the target audience. 530 brand ambassadors were assigned to spearhead and manage the nationwide campaign.

According to a representative at PUSH, though it was challenging to manage a large scale campaign due to the information the talent needed to acquire, they were able learn and demonstrate the products with perfection with the help from their Booking manager, Allie who supplied them with the necessary training guides and assistance.