PUSH Hits the Road with Traveler’s Beer for Arizona Sampling Events

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In the spring and summer of 2015, The Boston Beer Company hosted the Traveler’s Beer Sampling event in Phoenix, Arizona. At this event, participants traveled to different sites that supplied various Samuel Adams Traveler’s Beers. This event was every beer lover’s dream. Three different locations were visited every day, with two hours being spent at each venue. Participants were allowed to sample beers until the product ran out, giving them the opportunity to truly enjoy the beer and overall experience.

The Boston Beer Company is the brewer of Sam Adams beer. With a focus on brewing high-quality beer using the finest ingredients from places throughout the globe, they are one of the world’s most award-winning breweries at international beer competitions. They have over 60 styles of Sam Adams beer and their family brands include Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard. The Boston Beer Company’s dedication to quality beer makes them a company that PUSH is proud to frequently work with.


PUSH has always had a strong relationship with The Boston Beer Company. For this particular event, PUSH provided ten brand ambassadors, who were stationed at every sampling location. They were responsible for pouring and distributing samples, while educating all of the participants on the different beers. They were the face of Traveler’s Beers, and their jobs were to teach about, distribute, and sell the product in order to get participants to try all of the new beers.

The Boston Beer Company’s Arizona District Manager stated, “These samplings have truly been successful in the sense of promoting the brand and engaging the customers to try the new product. We are weaning off these promotions as the brand is becoming more established, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED!” PUSH is proud to know that our brand ambassadors did such a great job promoting at this event. It was a clear success, which seems to be the outcome whenever PUSH and Boston Beer work together.