PUSH Agency presents How To Create An Effective In-Store Liquor Promotion

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PUSH in-store liquor promotions are a cost-effective and powerful tool for increasing brand recognition and gaining market share. They are a logical tack-on to your social media initiatives and can aid in fast tracking your overall marketing strategy.

But what makes our promotions effective, isn’t just the fact that we have the best talent – it’s that we know the difference between a well-run promotion with tangible outcomes, and someone handing out free drinks in a shop.


The first thing to consider, is what are you trying to achieve from the sampling? This will form the basis of in-store behaviours, such as the size of the sample, who gets a free sample and the type of interaction the model will have with customers.

Speaking of which, understanding your brand is critical for us to be able to find the right brand ambassador for you. We find models who reflect your brand’s message – classy and elegant, fun and upbeat or maybe young and energetic. As you know, poorly aligned brand messaging can make any marketing initiative fall on its face, and the same applies to in-store promotions. We screen our models, based not only on experience and presentation, but also on their understanding of your brand and ability to effectively represent it.


Legalities are another important component. Many states have restrictive laws around samplings and in such cases, we create what is known as a ‘dry sampling,’ where the model will engage with customers using other tactics, perhaps describing the taste or discussing specific ingredients. Again, being reflective of your brand’s values is critical in these conversations. Contact us to learn more about the legal requirements for your particular state.

From a logistical standpoint, we work with clients to assist in getting the samples to the store, or purchasing them from the location (it’s important that the store manager is involved in this respect,) and ensuring that any unforeseen circumstances have little impact on the promotion itself. Our in-house team will tick every box, and be available reactively, both to the model and yourself as needs be.


Finally, without effective measurement, you have no way of understanding the impact of the promotion. We use detailed reports to present you with information as diverse as foot traffic, sampling amounts and customer feedback. Combined with store sales results, you will have a detailed understanding of campaign results and hopefully gain some insights that you can apply to other areas of your marketing strategy.

Most importantly, with extensive experience, we can bring all this together in a seamless fashion. You can rely on PUSH to handle the details and represent your business authentically.

Ain’t No Party Like a Plus Consulting KISS Party

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kiss-1 It was a normal Tuesday in the PUSH offices, we were lounging on beanbags, painting each other’s faces and listening to KISS’s anthem ’All Night Long,’ when our client, Plus Consulting dared to turn the music down…but only for a moment, to tell us that they needed talent for their annual company party.

KISS themed….rock on…all night long.

When the excitement subsided, we realised this challenge may be bigger than we thought. Finding four brand ambassadors, who take pride in their appearance, to not only don a full costume, but have their faces painted entirely in black and white, could be an uphill battle. Sure, we’ve got the biggest database in North America, but were we were ‘KISS ready?’

Yes…yes we are. Kayla R, Nicole B, Sydney D and Ashley S all leapt at the chance. Evidently, the brief was appealing – get dressed up like the band, hang out at an awesome party and have photos taken with attendees. But this wasn’t all they did, as Kelli Miller, Marketing Manager at Plus Consulting told us.


“They were wonderful. They were polite and social, and did everything I requested, encouraging photographs and helping to move people from room to room. Please thank them all again for me. I will definitely be calling for future events!”

When we asked the ambassadors for their feedback, we asked them to include clever references to KISS songs, but it end up that’s tricky – unless the event was held in Detroit Rock City, or someone had been drinking Cold Gin.

“It was a really fun event!! Everyone loved it” –Sydney D.

“I CAN’T WAIT for next year!” –Kayla R.