PUSH Helps Ignite the Target Center Torchlight Run

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Curate bars are non-gmo, gluten free, have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, but most importantly they’re super delicious. With epic flavours like strawberry & pistachio, and balsamic fig & hazelnut – that one really shouldn’t work but it’s amazing – they are a healthy and tasty alternative to snacking.

Curate asked us to send 12 fun and enthusiastic brand ambassadors to Minneapolis to hand out bars at the Target Center Torchlight Run. First, we wanted to know if we had to do the run, and we were assured that the fastest we’d have to move would be a brisk walk. Perfect, let’s do this.


It’s a tough ask –  handing out delicious and nutritious bars to starving athletes after a strenuous run, but Curate wanted people that would match their brand – passionate and interesting. We found 12 people on our massive database that fitted the bill perfectly, and on the night of the run, surrounded by a sea of sweaty humanity, our team was hard at work making sure that everyone was getting a taste of Curate’s unique combinations.

Handing out a few bars to people forming an orderly line isn’t hard, but there is nothing orderly at the end of the race. It started off easy – the super-fast and/or super ambitious crossed the line at unthinkable speeds and ate their bars just as quickly. Then the chaos began as the majority of runners finished the race at around the same time and our 12 ambassadors were put to the test. Adding to the insanity, was that the Target Center Torchlight Run, is also a massive party, which happens to start with a run, so there was a celebratory atmosphere even before the run was complete.


Somehow, over 6000 Curate bars were given out in a single day, and special mention needs to go to Melo who, as the team leader managed to make an excellent team even better through exceptional organisational skills. As the client put it, “…the team lead did a great job motivating everyone.”

Nickie  and Chris also showed superhuman abilities and received high praise from the client.

6000 bars, a successful event and are delighted client. From all accounts, a great success and reports also speak of a brilliant party afterwards.