VIP Nation and PUSH Agency Rock Out on the Guns ‘N Roses Tour

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group-1 Going to a Guns N’ Roses concert is one of those incredible experiences that’s hard to improve on, unless you book through our client,

VIP Nation takes seeing one of the greatest live acts of all time, and throws in entry to a VIP lounge, priority access and the opportunity to get a photo taken on stage. It’s like a chocolate cake with chocolate chips covered in chocolate icing, inside a chocolate house.


When VIP Nation started looking for experienced concierges to assist guests and add to the experience, they knew just where to go. In various cities including Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Orleans and Orlando, PUSH Brand Ambassadors had the arduous task of hanging out with concertgoers, and watching Guns N’ Roses. Because of this challenging trade-off between having fun and working, combined with the likelihood of coming into contact with rock stars, we needed to find levelheaded, experienced and effective brand ambassadors. Luckily, the clever people who designed our database, knew that we needed to know more than what someone look like – we need to understand their motivations, how they behaved, and details about their previous experience. As a result we identified over 60 incredible brand ambassadors who were pumped to be part of such an incredible event.

They understood that this was not only a fun job, but also a lot of responsibility – as the face of VIP, PUSH talent had to make sure that this was a night to remember, not only for the concert but also for the experience, before during and after. The team took this responsibility seriously, and based on feedback from the client, attendees, and our team of experienced booking agents,​ the models more than surpassed expectation.

Most importantly, the concert was a huge success and Axl, Slash and Duff have still got it!