Be Zen: Choosing how you respond in high pressure situations

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At the PUSH Agency, we live and breath by our core values. They were put in place to ensure the success of every member of our team and therefore the success of our company as a whole. One of the most impactful of these values is “Be Zen.” A recent chat with Cat Cherland, national accounts manager, and Lisa Marks, sales manager, revealed just how powerful the zen mindset can be in helping us achieve our goals, not just in the work environment, but in every area of life.


PUSH is a fast-paced environment with lots of activity at any given time ––there’s a lot we have to juggle. Of course, this also means it can be all too easy to get overwhelmed, but as Cat says “you can make a conscious choice on how to deal with the everyday pressure.” Indeed, being zen is a choice. Those who are practiced at it may make it look easy – like it’s just their innate personality – but the truth of the matter is it takes practice and real effort.

According to Cat, one of the keys to maintaining that even keel is to remember everything is impermanent (“this too shall pass” is a good mantra when you’re stressed) and not everything is within our control. However, with that said, being prepared and having a contingency plan in place is imperative to ensuring the best possible outcome.

“Hope for the best, but plan for the worst,” Lisa explains. “Expect for something to go wrong and know ahead of time how you’ll handle it. Because inevitably, something will always come up, but if you’re ready for it, it won’t be a problem.”

It can be easy to fall into freak-out mode when situations don’t go as anticipated. But it’s how we respond that either exacerbates the issue or resolves it.

“Any time we complain or let ourselves get to a place of panic, we’re not being skillful,” Cat says. “The more time we waste talking about things and operating from a place of frenzy, the less we’re actually doing to solve the problem.”


Our energy impacts everything we do and everyone around us, thus mindfullness is imperative. The more we embody

zen under pressure, taking a step back and thinking rationally about what we’re facing, the more peaceful the entire environment surrounding us will become. Again, it comes down to choice. If you choose to let a problem consume you, it absolutely will. If you choose to remain calm and have confidence you can find a solution, you will.

Love in the Face of Evil

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Few evils exist in the world that require our urgent attention as much as the exploitation of children. HEAL International is a non-profit organization founded to protect trafficked and vulnerable children through empowerment and health programs. These children get to see themselves as they truly are – worth loving.

HEAL’s work transforms lives, and they don’t only work to rescue, but also create new beginnings for victims of sexual trafficking. This is vital work, as many girls have had not only their self esteem, but the awareness of their own humanity taken from them. This is not glamorous or headline grabbing; in fact, for both the workers and the girls it’s often draining, arduous and frustrating – but that’s the importance of it. Returning children back to the world, and helping them realise that in spite of all the terrible things they’ve experienced, there are those of us who care enough to help, with no expectation of receiving praise, but because they deserve someone to be there for them, to care for them, and to remind them that they matter. HEAL does this work, not because it makes them heroes, but because it’s the right thing to do.


PUSH for Love – was founded by the Push Agency to promote joy.. It’s ethos is simple; in order to do good, we must educate and change minds, we need to bring in other members of the business community, raise money for the right charities and continue the conversation.

Evil thrives when nobody talks about it. Inspired by the work HEAL is doing in Arizona and East Africa, PUSH for Love answered with a giant YES. “Yes, we will speak up!” “Yes, we will do something for these children!”

At a stunning residence on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, PUSH for Love, hosted an event to introduce people to HEAL. True to form, the event was a celebration of joy, and an open conversation. Live music, a casino night and a silent auction were just some of the highlights. Throughout the night there were heartfelt reminders as to why we were joining together; to give children who have been sexually trafficked, a bright future. HEAL gives these children love, empowerment, and safety to them. Without these services, the future looks like more of their past — atrocities most people can’t imagine..


But it wasn’t only a conversation, the wonderful people who attended the holiday soiree, put their money where their outrage was, and as a group, we raised $10,000 – enough to fund the entire HEAL program.

It’s just a start – nowhere close to being enough. Those who donated contributed more than money – they told the victims that they are not forgotten, and that organizations like HEAL and PUSH for LOVE won’t stop until slavery and the exploitation of children are banished to the backpages of history.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us, or visit

Experiential Marketing by the Experts at PUSH Agency

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experiential-marketing-1 Experiential marketing refers to initiatives that get you in front of clients and prospects; giving them a taste of your product, and helping them to understand your business and what you offer. This could take the form of a trade show, private event, or even a promotion in a shopping centre. The act of directly interacting with your ideal target is the simplest way to, not only engage with the right people at a meaningful level, but also to learn more about what they want; their expectations, frustrations and how you can best satisfy them.

At PUSH, we take a holistic approach to experiential marketing. Instead of a structured process, our team will work with you to create an engagement that will connect you with the right people, and give you the outcomes you desire – be that sales, information or market penetration.


We have worked on campaigns as diverse as Heineken’s Aston Martin giveaway party, and the Jameson Whiskey Bartender’s Ball, through to guerrilla marketing initiatives, such as giveaways for a supplements start up, which took place in local gyms, and street promotions for numerous brands to increase brand awareness, and increase revenues. In the end, the only thing that matters is understanding where your target demographic is going to be, and getting the right type of talent in front of them. With the largest talent database in North America, and a robust system which enables rigorous searching and vetting, PUSH is able to combine exceptional events with brand ambassadors that are experienced, and fit ideally with your brand or product promise and values. We learn about your organisation, and offer talent that reflects your organisation as if you’d hired them yourself – because a perfectly planned and executed event, with the wrong people engaging the public, is a substandard outcome.


Experiential marketing, done well, can complement your marketing strategy, and add significantly to the bottom line. It’s an ideal “real world,” initiative to enhance a digital strategy, or a great way to offer something unique to engage a localised demographic in the case of sales, product launches or other regional activity.

As more marketing initiatives go exclusively online, and the ability to engage specific people becomes diluted through the amount of information being put out by you and your competition – usually on the same or similar platforms – experiential marketing can be a key differentiator, and a good tactic for driving traffic to an online store or website.

To learn more about experiential marketing, and see examples of our previous events visit our website at