Be Adaptable: The Art of Versatility

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In continuation of our discussions on the seven core values that keep the PUSH Agency running smoothly each day, we had a chat with Chris McDaniel, tactics specialist and resident “Jack-of-all-Trades” around here. Chris exemplifies our “Be Adaptable” value perfectly.

In his seven-year tenure at our agency, Chris has been able to flow with his ever-evolving role without missing a beat. Originally he was hired only to do graphic design, which he certainly executes with skill. However, Chris immediately showed an inherent adaptability and desire to be of value in ways beyond his defined role. If he saw a problem that needed solving or a role to be filled, he was quick to jump in and tackle it with the right solution.


“As needs arose, I have always been happy to take on different tasks,” Chris said. “For example, I love that I have become a one-stop-shop for our clients who have print needs. We didn’t have sales or logistics positions in place, but it seemed like both were needed. I embraced the opportunity to learn some new tricks and as a result we’re now able to provide better service to our customers.”

In another fantastic example of being adaptable, Chris, who had never produced a single video prior to joining the PUSH team, took his “anything you can throw at me, I can do” attitude to a new level and is now pivotal in the creation of our demo training videos for clients. Add another feather to his growing cap.

Given his history with PUSH, Chris has a unique perspective on the company culture because he remembers a time before the core values were implemented. With the core values now in practice, to him, it’s like a completely different company. People are hired not only for having the right skill set but also for their fit within the company culture.


“Now, everyone truly wants to be here and because their personalities are really in line with our core values, we’re all on the same page and working as a team toward a common goal,” he said. “It makes it a pleasure to come to work.”

In a sentiment echoed by many here at PUSH, Chris also noted that being adaptable at work has spilled into life beyond the office. He’s always able to step outside of the emotion of a situation, figure out what needs to be done and shift gears to make it happen.

They say the only thing constant is change; be adaptable and you stand a much better chance of being successful.