Fate of the Furious…Hangin’ with Vin and Michelle

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The Fate of the Furious is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2017, and it came is no surprise when we got a phone call, inviting us to hang out with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez at the film’s premiere.

Okay, came as some surprise.

In New York, while Vin and Michelle (that’s what we call them) were appearing on a morning television show, 20 push models were outside the theatre in Harlem. Their job was to excite the crowd and make sure everyone was on the brink of maniacal ecstasy when the stars arrived. The DJ played music from the movie, and PUSH models revelled in the party atmosphere which included fans, journalists and TV crews, all eager to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Vin Diesel at FOF

Pandemonium. Fast and Furious fans are an interesting bunch, and in all honesty needed very little warming up. When Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez arrived, everyone went – possibly literally – crazy. Flashbulbs, screaming fans and journalists angling for comment were just a part of the incredible atmosphere. In stark contrast, Vin and Michelle seemed relaxed, almost comfortable in their familiar role of Hollywood royalty. Likewise, the PUSH family was on their game, always in the right spot and living up to everyone’s expectations, including the client, the franchise and the managers of the premiere.

Standout performers on the day were Amber and Alexa,






Everyone agreed that they showed extraordinary poise under pressure, and far from being shaken by the bright lights, seemed almost at home like the stars they are.

PUSH at the NCAA Final Four… or The Day We Met Charles Barkley

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We don’t always do crazy events. Sometimes, we like to get involved with more low-key occasions, like this –


The NCAA Final Four Music Festival is a pleasant and quiet way to spend a few days. Rising, relatively unknown talent, like Aerosmith, Blink 182, Chainsmokers and Macklemore entertained a small but well-behaved crowd of 15,000.


PUSH Ambassadors took care of the VIPs, Including NCAA players and coaches, along with their families and some guy called Charles Barkley. That’s Sir Charles frickin’ Barkley, who transformed the role of power forward and retired the number 34 more times than the Suns have won championships. Unfortunately.

For three days the music was loud, and Gonzaga, South Carolina, Oregon and North Carolina all held out hopes of claiming the championship on the 3rd of April. Keith Urban set alight Friday night and Arizona was the centre of the basketball universe as the best teams in the country battled for the richest prize in college ball and 15000 people battled to scream the loudest when Steven Tyler started belting out ‘Livin on the Edge.’


March Madness is about more than just basketball. It’s a time when the entire world is watching the future of the sport and for three days, the focus was on Pheoenix, Arizona, where the North Carolina Tar Heels refused the Gonzaga Bulldogs their fairytale and won the championship for the first time…since 2009. The party was epic and the teams lived up to everyone’s expectations. Along with the stars, the crowds and the limelight, combined with a few Washington tears, there was also a sense that the future of basketball was bright. Also, and most importantly, we got to meet Charles Barkley.