Push Agency, Why Our Promotional Models are the Best

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PUSH Agency has the best promotional models because of how we prioritise what ‘good,’ means. The thing is, the ideal promotional model for one campaign may be disastrous for another, so we took a more in-depth approach.
Our database for promotional models, the largest of its type in North America, enables us to access not only images and statistics but also experience, skill sets and knowledge that the promotional models possess.
PUSH Agency begins with the assignment, and from there identifies promotional models with previous experience in similar promotions, and who possess the knowledge required to make the campaign perfect. Having already completed a detailed client analysis, promotional models can then be selected based on how they present themselves, and how that relates to the client’s brand promise.
Of course, this approach has come about through years of experience, and it’s worth mentioning that our promotional models database has been the result of trial and error, and numerous upgrades, changes and improvements. Luckily, we are now in a position where we can offer fast and effective service through an extraordinarily robust online system. We contact our promotional models using the online system, and manage the interaction through the same portal, ensuring there is no communication gap or lag time. Additionally, our database is updated regularly – both from the standpoint of updating our existing promotional model’s details and attracting others to join the PUSH Agency.
we live in the information age, where knowledge is available to everyone. We have created a database that can not only access the required knowledge but effectively segment it into valuable information. The right promotional models, based on your specific requirements, your event and the brand perception of your business. That’s why, in a highly competitive industry, PUSH Agency has forged a reputation for high quality, fast and effective service and, most importantly, finding you the right person for the job.

Event Models Are Not just Pretty Faces

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So you’re thinking of hiring event models for your latest product release or promotional event? Don’t make a rookie error and go to a promotional agency site, and select the most beautiful people from the list of incredibly beautiful people. That’s a great way to have the right person in the wrong place, albeit looking amazing.

Hiring event models and promotional talent is about more than just finding the highest cheekbones and the most sculpted physique. Here are three tips to hiring event models effectively.

1.Begin With Your Event in Mind

Event models, like people, come in different shapes and sizes. They also come with different skill sets – dealing with VIPs, selling high-tech equipment, talking about the advantages of purchasing real estate in the local area, and so on. We have the largest database of promotional talent for exactly this reason; finding the right skill-set is a lot more important than finding the broadest and most muscular shoulders.

2. Ask for Advice

Unless you are a professional event planner, your investment in event models could be misplaced if you don’t engage the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing. If you have someone on your staff who has run events before, then left them run the event and hire the event models. If not, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist.

3. Know Your Brand

If your organization sells premium solutions for retirement living, the last thing you want is a 21-year-old male with no understanding of the frustrations and emotions involved with the later stages of life representing your brand. Consider who would be most authentic as event models for your brand and business before just going with what you perceive to be the right decision. The wrong event model will do more damage than good.

Event models can enhance or detract from your promotion, and with a little bit of forward thinking, you can create an event that is authentic to your business, and effective.

Promotional Staffing or Modelling Talent – How to Make the Right Decision

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Promotional staffing as a marketing strategy is often confused with hiring models. Neither of these is better or worse than the other, but it’s when the tactics are badly aligned, that the strategy doesn’t work.

Promotional staffing is hiring people who represent your brand to carry out a specific task, usually directly engaging with the public. This could be an in-store giveaway, a street promotion, VIP entertainment, or serving a specific purpose as part of a larger event. Promotional talent is not only well presented but also understands your products and can relate easily to your target market. An example of this is our work at CES with LG (hyperlink) where we needed promotional talent that had an understanding of cutting-edge technology and could easily learn and describe it to sophisticated members of the public.

Models are well polished and immaculately presented individuals who have been trained in specific areas related to their industry – catwalk, fashion, underwear and so on. Fashion brands often hire modelling talent, as do businesses who are running presentations or, “hands off,” events, with no product knowledge required. The reason for this is that promotional staffing professionals expect that they will be required to learn about the product, and modelling talent does not. In other words, models are trained – and worked very hard on – a specific group of specific areas within the modelling discipline, and promotional staffing talent focuses on more esoteric strengths, such as product knowledge and public interaction.

The reason for this distinction is that to ensure the success of your event, consider the level of interaction required with the public, and whether you should look for a promotional staffing solution, or hire models. At PUSH, our promotional staffing database is packed with both, so if you would like to discuss your next event, we would be happy to assist you in determining whether promotional staffing or specialist models are your best option.

The Weeknd’s Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour

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The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy, is epic. Future anthems and current hits, it’s a big shiny awesomeness cake topped with mad beats.

So yeah, we’re fans.

The Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour is the hottest ticket in town, so when we got the call asking us to help out in the VIP area, suddenly everyone in the office was pretending to be a brand ambassador. Luckily our awesome database makes sure that we only send the ideal candidate, you know, someone with the relevant skills and experience.

So we didn’t send the IT guy.

VIP room was packed with everyone who was anyone, apart from our IT guy, who is pretty great, and the champagne was flowing.

The Weekend VIP

The Weeknd took the stage and started his set. The stage was absolutely insane, lit up with neon, and there were so many glowsticks in the crowd that the whole scene looked surreal. He kicked off with the hit single Starboy, entering in a beam of light that made him look almost ethereal. That’s enough poetry, the whole thing was brilliant. He didn’t just go out to push his new album, but had a great mix with the older stuff in there as well – “Earned It,” “The Hills,” and “Can’t Feel My Face” all got a place,  and when he played Black Beatles the crowd went insane.

the weeknd 3

In the VIP, the PUSH team was doing us proud, making sure everyone was having a good time and mixing with the crowd. Happy client, happy crowd, unhappy IT guy. Two out of three ain’t bad.

The Weeknd Stage Shot of the Crowd The Concert Crowd

Outside the Box Marketing

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The marketing industry is saturated with quick fixes and tactics that promise miracles. Gurus and experts tell us the latest innovations, but dig a little deeper and we find a repackaged version of an old strategy. When we started PUSH, we didn’t have a huge amount of money, or the ability to engage a high-flying director of marketing to guide our strategic journey – we needed to use the talent we had in house, and that formed the basis of our marketing. We had to think beyond what the market was offering.

We didn’t have the money, so we had to think. Ernest Rutherford

Lesson One – Everything is a marketing opportunity

Don’t dismiss the chance to do anything. Going on a fun run? Get branded shirts, and hit the road! Grab some friends and family and make sure there’s someone there to take heaps of photos and video. Throw them on social media and your blog, get others involved (“I had such a great time!) and plan for the next one.

So the local school needs an event sponsor? Do it.

Someone on the team an awesome comedian? Now they’re sponsored by you.

The opportunities are limitless when you look at everything as a potential opportunity.

Lesson Two – Don’t Pay, Research

Before we spent a dollar, of the money we didn’t have, we asked ourselves a simple question –

“Is there a better way?”

From online apps to suppliers and employees, we always researched the market and made sure we were getting the best product at the lowest price. Of course, if there’s a market leader in a particular area, we’re not going to not work with them because of pricing, but we are going to ask the question of them – “can you do it cheaper?”

Because proud people pay more.

Lesson Three – Louder. LOOUUUDDER!!!!

We promote ourselves. Not in a cheesy way, but we are undeniably loud and proud of it. We love being part of this business and take every single chance we can to tell the world about it.

This goes back to our origins, where our goal was to create a business that people loved and could be proud to tell their friends and family about. We made that part of our DNA, and make sure that everyone coming on board shares the same passion. Because we’re really fricken loud, and the more people that are on board with us, being loud, makes the scream deafening.