Promotional Staff and the Formal Event

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Formal promotional event table layout

Hosting a formal event using a promotional staffing strategy is a challenging balance to get right. Of course, if you manage to achieve it then the results can be superb – the perception of your organisation can be improved, and authenticity of the event can create numerous opportunities for other promotional events and marketing initiatives. However, done poorly, a formal promotional staffing event can appear clumsy, forced and at worst not authentic to your brand. We have all been to events like this where the glamour of the occasion is overshadowed by an overzealous effort to make everything seem luxurious, or fancy. The result is something more akin to a fancy dress party than a formal event. The line, as we have learned, is very thin.

To ensure the success of your formal event, a good first step is to hire promotional talent with the relevant experience. When we supplied promotional talent for a Heineken event attended by numerous celebrities and business leaders, where the brand actually gave way an Aston Martin, we were pedantic about the previous experience of the promotional stuff. Models who don’t have exposure to events where small talk or casual banter is required may have the aforementioned effect – appearing to be forcing their persona, and as a result ruining the overall impression of the evening. If this seems pedantic, keep in mind that people don’t usually make conscious decisions about what they enjoy or didn’t, it’s the small details that make a difference; it may be the food, the music, the other people that were invited or the style of the location itself. It can equally be hospitality staff, promotional talent or those tasked with concierge duties. The impact made by team members in what is often deemed to be, “low impact,” roles can be profound, especially as the blame won’t be apportioned to a particular waiter, or a sub par member of the promotions team, rather it will be the organisation itself and the event that will be tarnished.
Hiring high-calibre talent with a reputation for excellence, proven through formidable resumes should be at the top of every formal event planner’s list. The best formal events are managed to an incredibly pedantic level so that the feeling of luxury, intention and authenticity is palpable when the most important people – your audience – enters the room.
Then it’s showtime, and the team is ready to create an unforgettable experience.

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