VIP Nation and PUSH Agency Rock Out on the Guns ‘N Roses Tour

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group-1 Going to a Guns N’ Roses concert is one of those incredible experiences that’s hard to improve on, unless you book through our client,

VIP Nation takes seeing one of the greatest live acts of all time, and throws in entry to a VIP lounge, priority access and the opportunity to get a photo taken on stage. It’s like a chocolate cake with chocolate chips covered in chocolate icing, inside a chocolate house.


When VIP Nation started looking for experienced concierges to assist guests and add to the experience, they knew just where to go. In various cities including Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Orleans and Orlando, PUSH Brand Ambassadors had the arduous task of hanging out with concertgoers, and watching Guns N’ Roses. Because of this challenging trade-off between having fun and working, combined with the likelihood of coming into contact with rock stars, we needed to find levelheaded, experienced and effective brand ambassadors. Luckily, the clever people who designed our database, knew that we needed to know more than what someone look like – we need to understand their motivations, how they behaved, and details about their previous experience. As a result we identified over 60 incredible brand ambassadors who were pumped to be part of such an incredible event.

They understood that this was not only a fun job, but also a lot of responsibility – as the face of VIP, PUSH talent had to make sure that this was a night to remember, not only for the concert but also for the experience, before during and after. The team took this responsibility seriously, and based on feedback from the client, attendees, and our team of experienced booking agents,​ the models more than surpassed expectation.

Most importantly, the concert was a huge success and Axl, Slash and Duff have still got it!

PUSH Helps Ignite the Target Center Torchlight Run

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Curate bars are non-gmo, gluten free, have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, but most importantly they’re super delicious. With epic flavours like strawberry & pistachio, and balsamic fig & hazelnut – that one really shouldn’t work but it’s amazing – they are a healthy and tasty alternative to snacking.

Curate asked us to send 12 fun and enthusiastic brand ambassadors to Minneapolis to hand out bars at the Target Center Torchlight Run. First, we wanted to know if we had to do the run, and we were assured that the fastest we’d have to move would be a brisk walk. Perfect, let’s do this.


It’s a tough ask –  handing out delicious and nutritious bars to starving athletes after a strenuous run, but Curate wanted people that would match their brand – passionate and interesting. We found 12 people on our massive database that fitted the bill perfectly, and on the night of the run, surrounded by a sea of sweaty humanity, our team was hard at work making sure that everyone was getting a taste of Curate’s unique combinations.

Handing out a few bars to people forming an orderly line isn’t hard, but there is nothing orderly at the end of the race. It started off easy – the super-fast and/or super ambitious crossed the line at unthinkable speeds and ate their bars just as quickly. Then the chaos began as the majority of runners finished the race at around the same time and our 12 ambassadors were put to the test. Adding to the insanity, was that the Target Center Torchlight Run, is also a massive party, which happens to start with a run, so there was a celebratory atmosphere even before the run was complete.


Somehow, over 6000 Curate bars were given out in a single day, and special mention needs to go to Melo who, as the team leader managed to make an excellent team even better through exceptional organisational skills. As the client put it, “…the team lead did a great job motivating everyone.”

Nickie  and Chris also showed superhuman abilities and received high praise from the client.

6000 bars, a successful event and are delighted client. From all accounts, a great success and reports also speak of a brilliant party afterwards.

PUSH Agency presents How To Create An Effective In-Store Liquor Promotion

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PUSH in-store liquor promotions are a cost-effective and powerful tool for increasing brand recognition and gaining market share. They are a logical tack-on to your social media initiatives and can aid in fast tracking your overall marketing strategy.

But what makes our promotions effective, isn’t just the fact that we have the best talent – it’s that we know the difference between a well-run promotion with tangible outcomes, and someone handing out free drinks in a shop.


The first thing to consider, is what are you trying to achieve from the sampling? This will form the basis of in-store behaviours, such as the size of the sample, who gets a free sample and the type of interaction the model will have with customers.

Speaking of which, understanding your brand is critical for us to be able to find the right brand ambassador for you. We find models who reflect your brand’s message – classy and elegant, fun and upbeat or maybe young and energetic. As you know, poorly aligned brand messaging can make any marketing initiative fall on its face, and the same applies to in-store promotions. We screen our models, based not only on experience and presentation, but also on their understanding of your brand and ability to effectively represent it.


Legalities are another important component. Many states have restrictive laws around samplings and in such cases, we create what is known as a ‘dry sampling,’ where the model will engage with customers using other tactics, perhaps describing the taste or discussing specific ingredients. Again, being reflective of your brand’s values is critical in these conversations. Contact us to learn more about the legal requirements for your particular state.

From a logistical standpoint, we work with clients to assist in getting the samples to the store, or purchasing them from the location (it’s important that the store manager is involved in this respect,) and ensuring that any unforeseen circumstances have little impact on the promotion itself. Our in-house team will tick every box, and be available reactively, both to the model and yourself as needs be.


Finally, without effective measurement, you have no way of understanding the impact of the promotion. We use detailed reports to present you with information as diverse as foot traffic, sampling amounts and customer feedback. Combined with store sales results, you will have a detailed understanding of campaign results and hopefully gain some insights that you can apply to other areas of your marketing strategy.

Most importantly, with extensive experience, we can bring all this together in a seamless fashion. You can rely on PUSH to handle the details and represent your business authentically.

Ain’t No Party Like a Plus Consulting KISS Party

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kiss-1 It was a normal Tuesday in the PUSH offices, we were lounging on beanbags, painting each other’s faces and listening to KISS’s anthem ’All Night Long,’ when our client, Plus Consulting dared to turn the music down…but only for a moment, to tell us that they needed talent for their annual company party.

KISS themed….rock on…all night long.

When the excitement subsided, we realised this challenge may be bigger than we thought. Finding four brand ambassadors, who take pride in their appearance, to not only don a full costume, but have their faces painted entirely in black and white, could be an uphill battle. Sure, we’ve got the biggest database in North America, but were we were ‘KISS ready?’

Yes…yes we are. Kayla R, Nicole B, Sydney D and Ashley S all leapt at the chance. Evidently, the brief was appealing – get dressed up like the band, hang out at an awesome party and have photos taken with attendees. But this wasn’t all they did, as Kelli Miller, Marketing Manager at Plus Consulting told us.


“They were wonderful. They were polite and social, and did everything I requested, encouraging photographs and helping to move people from room to room. Please thank them all again for me. I will definitely be calling for future events!”

When we asked the ambassadors for their feedback, we asked them to include clever references to KISS songs, but it end up that’s tricky – unless the event was held in Detroit Rock City, or someone had been drinking Cold Gin.

“It was a really fun event!! Everyone loved it” –Sydney D.

“I CAN’T WAIT for next year!” –Kayla R.

When 154 Ambassadors are needed for the PGA, PUSH Answers the Call!

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The phone rang and the conversation went something like this –

“Hi, does PUSH staff national tours?”

“Yes we do, how are you?”

“Great, thanks. Also we need 154 awesome, talented and articulate brand ambassadors to work at six PGA Tour events over the next five months.”

“No problems, anything else?”

“Yeah, they will be bartending and serving, so there will need to have experience doing that, and also don’t forget it’s the PGA, who are transcendent of sport, so if they could be transcendent of something that will be useful to.”

We were scribbling furiously. “Okay, so you’re after 154 transcendent, epic people to represent one of the most important sporting brands that has ever existed?”

“Yes please.”

Its moments like this, that we show gratitude to our software programming team, rather than our usual disdain and confusion. They have created a system that allows us to quickly and effectively screen relevant and experienced talent using web and mobile. This saves heaps of time when trying to find five models for a local event, but when you need 154 people with specific talents, for events scattered across two states, it makes us one of the only businesses capable of doing it well.

If you’ve ever been to a PGA event, you’ll know that the devil is in the detail, the PGA Event Management Team, in partnership with our client, expects nothing less than perfection, from presentation through to client interaction and everything in between. As a result, we took our existing, rigorous screening processes to the next level. Every single person working at these events would be representing the PGA and our client – it was a responsibility we did not take lightly. We found the very best of the very best, made sure they were a fit for the brands, and told them to go and have fun – because hey, if they are having fun then so are the attendees.

A key part of our role was to increase sales across a number of premium brands at the event, including Grey Goose, Budweiser, Captain Morgan, and Arnold Palmer. While the numbers were incredible (drink sales went through the roof,) what was even better, was the amount of people having fun interacting with PUSH models in the bars and hospitality tents scattered around the courses. In the end, part of a PGA event, is that it’s an incredible day out – and our team helped contribute to that.

The event didn’t go off without a hitch – in engagements of this size there are are always challenges – but our team was cool and collected, and neither the clients nor attendees saw anything except a well oiled machine, and comments from our models reminded us why people love working for PUSH –

“This event was a blast!”

“It was such a pleasure to be a part of something so big!”

“I met so many people and had a great time.”

“Can’t wait to do this again next year!”

Procenium teams with the PUSH Agency to execute an Aston Martin Giveaway

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Aston Martin Blog

You know that feeling when Heineken is throwing a party where they’ll being giving away an Aston Martin and they invite you along? Neither do we, but our awesome client Proscenium does – and they asked us to help.

Paparrazzi, camera crews, familiar faces and Heineken Senior Executives all enjoyed the hospitality of Proscenium and the ambiance of the incredible San Diego Symphony. Our brand ambassadors, Mariah and Kylee were responsible for making everyone feel welcome and driving the Aston around…okay, so they didn’t do any driving, but based on feedback they did the first part in extraordinary fashion –

“Mariah and Kylee were absolutely perfect for this event, please let them know we want them both back!”

“They were fantastic, so personable and fun-spirited.”

Aston Martin Blog

The Aston was given away in a suitably spectacular manner. 5 keys were handed out by the President of Heineken, but only 1 opened the car…

“I could not believe I won an Aston Martin! Thank you!” A very, very lucky guest, whose enthusiasm cannot be communicated in print.

Mariah and Kylee made a diverse group of attendees feel welcome and comfortable, no mean feat when surrounded by cameras and VIPs. We were proud to receive exceptional feedback, not only from Proscenium, but from attendees and Heineken also. Another example of partnering the right talent with the right client for a result that everyone can be happy with.

“That event could not have gone any better!” Mariah

“I can’t wait for the next Heineken event!” Kylee

PUSH Hits the Road with Traveler’s Beer for Arizona Sampling Events

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In the spring and summer of 2015, The Boston Beer Company hosted the Traveler’s Beer Sampling event in Phoenix, Arizona. At this event, participants traveled to different sites that supplied various Samuel Adams Traveler’s Beers. This event was every beer lover’s dream. Three different locations were visited every day, with two hours being spent at each venue. Participants were allowed to sample beers until the product ran out, giving them the opportunity to truly enjoy the beer and overall experience.

The Boston Beer Company is the brewer of Sam Adams beer. With a focus on brewing high-quality beer using the finest ingredients from places throughout the globe, they are one of the world’s most award-winning breweries at international beer competitions. They have over 60 styles of Sam Adams beer and their family brands include Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard. The Boston Beer Company’s dedication to quality beer makes them a company that PUSH is proud to frequently work with.


PUSH has always had a strong relationship with The Boston Beer Company. For this particular event, PUSH provided ten brand ambassadors, who were stationed at every sampling location. They were responsible for pouring and distributing samples, while educating all of the participants on the different beers. They were the face of Traveler’s Beers, and their jobs were to teach about, distribute, and sell the product in order to get participants to try all of the new beers.

The Boston Beer Company’s Arizona District Manager stated, “These samplings have truly been successful in the sense of promoting the brand and engaging the customers to try the new product. We are weaning off these promotions as the brand is becoming more established, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED!” PUSH is proud to know that our brand ambassadors did such a great job promoting at this event. It was a clear success, which seems to be the outcome whenever PUSH and Boston Beer work together.

PUSH puts L’Oreal Hair Expertise On the Map Through a Nationwide Promotional Campaign

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There are many challenges that global brands face when launching a new brand. What should be the strategy to launch? You’ve only got one shot. The first impression is most certainly the last. So, how do you go about kicking off your fantastic new product?

At PUSH, we have a simple policy: if you’re going to launch, GO BIG!

The launch of new products is one of the most crucial phases that determines and paves the way for its monumental success or colossal failure. So when L’Oreal hired PUSH to launch their L’Oreal Hair Expertise product line, they wanted a national campaign that would aim to demonstrate the product features of the new Hair Expertise product, and use strategic sales techniques to spark interest and probe trials. Using a team of trained PUSH brand ambassadors, we delivered just that!


L’Oreal Hair Expertise Promotion – Crafting A Well Thought Out Strategy

When PUSH markets brands, there is absolutely no room for mistakes. Acting as representatives of your company, we ensure that every phase of the promotion is aligned to the marketing goals. So here’s how we kicked things off with the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Promotion:

Developing An Extensive Training Video

As a national event staffing company, we were able to develop a comprehensive training video regarding the products that prospects would have to view. At the end of the training, the talent answered a series of questions. The passing score was fixed at 90%, with three tries to pass. Using this new training technology has been the perfect way to get our talent to truly represent the brand to their fullest. The script, direction, video and editing was headed up by PUSH Tactics Specialist, Chris McDaniel, who did an incredible job. Take a look at the video below.

The Role of the Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors act as a public face for your brand. For L’Oreal, PUSH took it to the next level, educating and training hundreds of talent in a short duration of time, equipping them to connect and engage with the target audience. 530 brand ambassadors were assigned to spearhead and manage the nationwide campaign.

According to a representative at PUSH, though it was challenging to manage a large scale campaign due to the information the talent needed to acquire, they were able learn and demonstrate the products with perfection with the help from their Booking manager, Allie who supplied them with the necessary training guides and assistance.

PUSH Gets the VS PINK Spring Break Noticed Through its Promotional Street Team

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Victoria’s Secret was celebrating spring break, and PUSH was right there to promote it!

Each year PINK stages one of the most highly anticipated events of the year – their Spring Break Bash. This year, Miami got hotter than usual as PUSH partnered with the ultimate global youth brand, PINK to spread word of the event through a specialized street promotion. Themed, “Spring Break Forever” the event was not just another spring break experience, but also promoted and encouraged attendees to celebrate the true spirit and essence of spring break all year long.

The Ultimate Spring Break Experience

The pool party took place on March 14, 2015 at the Surfcomber from 11:00 AM – 05:00 PM. From games, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, PINK prizes, Pop-up shops with a Limited Edition tee, special treats, along with a Pink Beauty Refresh Lounge, there was something for everyone.  Guest appearances from PINK MODELS Rachel Hilbert and Gigi Hadid added to the flirtatious, fun event.  and one that got PINK out there and noticed by the right people.  Pink was definitely the talk of Miami during spring break!

But that’s not all. The main highlight of the event was a musical performance by Cody Simpson, Australian pop heartthrob; and DJ Irie, who was nominated for a 2007 BET award and named 2005’s Best Club DJ.


The PINK Nation Culture & PUSH

For PUSH, the goal was to enhance the success of the event by creating awareness, developing enthusiasm and engaging individuals to participate in an unmatched spring break experience – a task PUSH managed to accomplish with the help of our team of professionals and brand ambassadors.

Our unrivaled approach to street team promotional campaigns begins at a grassroots level. We take the time to understand the brand, its personality and more importantly, its target market. Hitting the bull’s-eye is no easy job, but our experience in branding, marketing and special events staffing has assisted us to build traffic, and turn major brand events into unforgettable experiences.  As an event staffing company, PUSH has the experience of working with globally renowned and prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Nike, so were definitely excited to work with PINK.

PINK was no different. For years, since its establishment in 2002 by VS, PINK was aimed to connect and target the youth – aged between 15-22 years. Understanding this, we developed our promotional strategy that aggressively marketed the PINK culture, paving the way for the massive spring bash success.

PUSH Marketing and Promotions Welcomes Fresh Talent to be the Part of the Maxim 2015 team!

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Maxim, the leading men’s lifestyle magazine, recently hired PUSH Marketing and Promotions to put together a team of models for the company’s upcoming 2015 and 2016 campaign. The new Maxim team of Brand Ambassadors will represent the world-renowned magazine in high-profile events, celebrity functions, and trade shows across the country and internationally.

PUSH Marketing and Promotions has been promoting the campaign aggressively, as this is one of the best opportunities for aspiring and experienced models to make a name of themselves in the industry. The hiring is being handled by Mark Bernardini, PUSH Marketing and Promotion’s authorized licensee owner who is overseeing operations from the NY/NJ office. Casting dates were Monday April 13th and Tuesday April 14th.

So far, the casting has gained a lot of traction and appreciation from all the candidates with well over 800 models registered. The client then later narrowed the search down to about 150 models and only 25 of the top faces will be selected to represent Maxim in its upcoming national high-profile celebrity events such as Maxim Hot 100, Maxim Super Bowl 2016, Maxim Delano Pool Party, Maxim Indy 500 Party and many others. Being that the April (West Coast) casting went so well that Maxim corporate decided to see what PUSH could offer on the East Coast!

According to Jonathan Sacks, CEO at PUSH Marketing and Promotions, those candidates with previous experience of high-profile celebrity events will certainly be given priority. However, the campaign provides equal opportunity for fresh faces looking to have their shot.


Mr. Sacks also explained that to maintain the level of professionalism and marketing expertise that PUSH has always displayed, selected applicants will be provided basic training so that they can successfully represent a magazine as prestigious as MAXIM.

Mark Bernardini, manager for the Maxim Model Search also wants candidates to follow a simple signup procedure on the company’s website and later register themselves through the ‘My Opportunities’ section. The applicants are also advised to sign up for events in Los Angeles.

PUSH has already had the honor of working with internationally recognized brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, and Nike. But, being contracted as the official marketing agency for Maxim magazine is another achievement that we, at PUSH, are proud of.

If you have a natural, smart, cool, fun, outgoing nature and are based on the East Coast we encourage you to sign up for our next set of auditions in NYC on May 28 and the 29th!