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experiential-marketing-1 Experiential marketing refers to initiatives that get you in front of clients and prospects; giving them a taste of your product, and helping them to understand your business and what you offer. This could take the form of a trade show, private event, or even a promotion in a shopping centre. The act of directly interacting with your ideal target is the simplest way to, not only engage with the right people at a meaningful level, but also to learn more about what they want; their expectations, frustrations and how you can best satisfy them.

At PUSH, we take a holistic approach to experiential marketing. Instead of a structured process, our team will work with you to create an engagement that will connect you with the right people, and give you the outcomes you desire – be that sales, information or market penetration.


We have worked on campaigns as diverse as Heineken’s Aston Martin giveaway party, and the Jameson Whiskey Bartender’s Ball, through to guerrilla marketing initiatives, such as giveaways for a supplements start up, which took place in local gyms, and street promotions for numerous brands to increase brand awareness, and increase revenues. In the end, the only thing that matters is understanding where your target demographic is going to be, and getting the right type of talent in front of them. With the largest talent database in North America, and a robust system which enables rigorous searching and vetting, PUSH is able to combine exceptional events with brand ambassadors that are experienced, and fit ideally with your brand or product promise and values. We learn about your organisation, and offer talent that reflects your organisation as if you’d hired them yourself – because a perfectly planned and executed event, with the wrong people engaging the public, is a substandard outcome.


Experiential marketing, done well, can complement your marketing strategy, and add significantly to the bottom line. It’s an ideal “real world,” initiative to enhance a digital strategy, or a great way to offer something unique to engage a localised demographic in the case of sales, product launches or other regional activity.

As more marketing initiatives go exclusively online, and the ability to engage specific people becomes diluted through the amount of information being put out by you and your competition – usually on the same or similar platforms – experiential marketing can be a key differentiator, and a good tactic for driving traffic to an online store or website.

To learn more about experiential marketing, and see examples of our previous events visit our website at pushagency.com

Jameson Relies on Luck of the Irish and PUSH Agency

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Jameson Irish Whiskey loves a good party, and the Jameson Bartender’s Ball is the hottest ticket in…well, a lot of towns. Those lucky enough to attend are treated to live music, and an open bar packed to the brim with incredible Jameson Premiums. To call the ball a party would be like calling the ocean a swimming pool. It’s big, okay?

Attendees are stars of the bars. Servers, hosts, managers and bartenders – it’s a way for Jameson to say thank you to those who share their product with the world.

Legacy Marketing was given the responsibility of making this event epic – and not just once, but dozens of times; the ball goes on tour, with one or two events every week from October through December across the United States.


That’s where PUSH comes in; who else do you turn to when you need incredible brand ambassadors across a crazy massive geography? With locations as diverse as Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Rochester, Houston, Nashville, Dallas and Miami to name a few, we made the most of having the largest database of talent in North America.

Thankfully, there’s more to our database than just size; we were able to identify the most experienced – from taking coats and checking people in, to tending bar for bartenders (which is like serving a meal to a chef) we created a duplicatable process for each location, with the help of some incredible talent. Rockstars include – Leslie SNikki CVanessa R

It’s fair to say the client seemed pretty happy:

“The Promotional Models have been amazing, and The PUSH Agency has been so helpful!”

And so did the PUSH team:

“Everyone loved the event, and we interacted with hundreds of people.” -Nikki C

It’s a challenging activation, but heaps of fun and when you’re working with a brand like Jameson, and an agency as incredible as Legacy Marketing, you know you’re in good company.


Checkers & Rally’s and the A3C Hip-Hop Festival

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The A3C Hip Hop Festival is epic. With over 1,000 performers, for 5 days Atlanta becomes the centre of the hip-hop world.

Checkers and Rally’s make epic food and with nearly 800 locations, they’re an American institution.

We’re epic. With the largest talent database in North America, PUSH Agency has been involved in some of the most exciting events and promotions of recent time.

We couldn’t find the person who answered the phone when Checkers first rang us, but we assume it went something like this –

“Hello, PUSH Agency.”

“This is Checkers and Rally’s calling.”

“You guys are epic.”

“Correct. Now listen, we need to create a promotional campaign using an online system that enables peeps going to the A3C festival to get free fries.”

The guy on the phone probably had a very squeaky voice when he said, “That’s so many epic things!”

“So send some incredible promotional talent, and when people text, they can be there to hook them up.”


Having hung up the phone, the following formula was emailed around the PUSH offices –

Ch + Ra x PUSH +A3C = EP

The message was clear – 12 models were selected for each night of the festival and offered a detailed brief –

Be epic. Also get pics with Rick Ross.

Mission fricken accomplished. Check out the legendary Rick Ross’s Instagram to see shots of the PUSH talent combined with a shoutout to Checkers & Rally’s and the A3C Festival.


Most importantly, everyone had a great time, and all the clients saw tangible outcomes, including nearly 4000 guest interactions.

That’s crazy.

Our MVP’s for this event showed grace, energy and general all-round brilliance – Jennifer GDakeybria E, and Ashley D 


The reviews of the festival, promotion and interactions were incredible, both from the client, concert goers, and our team, but Rick Ross summed it up best –

“Checkers and Rally’s runs the game.”

Celsius Fuels PUSH Brand Ambassadors As They Burn Through Dozens of Demos

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Flo Rida drinks Celsius Energy Drink, so do Khloe Kardashian and Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. More importantly, we drink Celsius, for it’s low calories, fat burning properties and caffeine boost – and a good thing too, because when we got the call from Celsius asking us to create a promotional campaign involving over 200 of our incredible Brand Ambassadors, we needed all the energy we could get.


We turned to the brainy people who sit in the corner, use big words and ensure our talent database – the largest in North America – is a living breathing talent searching monster. Using Geo-Batching (which apparently means applying data science to defining where we should be assigning talent, and how many ambassadors we’d need – we formulated a plan to ensure maximum effectiveness. This involved locations around the country, including Florida, Miami and Dallas.

That was lovely, but then we had to make sure the talent had all the tools they needed when they arrived, so we created a promotional plan. We wanted to do more than just sampling; our talent are more than just pretty faces; we wanted engagement with the public, and sales to go up for our client.


Rather than just pouring drinks, PUSH Talent chatted with patrons at various location, explaining that Celsius is more than just an energy drink – it’s wide ranging endorsements speak to that – it’s a fat burning, life improving can of yum, and it helped that the PUSH team agreed –

“This product is great! I will be drinking this myself.”

Nice. And the results speak for themselves – some locations sold out of Celsius, and the engagement is ongoing! Now we’re a part of the overall marketing solution, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our MVP’s for this engagement (so far) have been Arianne MariaMichelle O., and Jose W.

#respect – great attitude, passionate and…well just generally awesome.

The DNA of An Incredible Brand Ambassador

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It sounds easy right? Creating more involvement and awareness within the local community by having a brand ambassador, or promotional model, talk about and give samples of your product to local punters. Regardless of whether you are using this form of promotion as one of your primary marketing methods, or targeting local distributors to increase sales, a well-planned and well structured brand ambassador campaign can pay exceptional dividends.

But there’s more to it than hiring a good-looking person and having them talk to customers.


Many badly run campaigns have resulted in a slump in local sales, or even the alienation of a regional populace – smaller localised areas tend to talk about a bad experience, and if an uneducated or inarticulate brand ambassador is representing your brand, it’s not an option to blame someone else after a group of influential customers has a bad experience.

When we are approached by potential customers, we talk about the size of our database and how intricate the level of detail is on it – but this isn’t to impress anyone with size – after all, it’s not how big your database is, but how you use it that matters.

We learned early on, before we were working with major national brands, that someone who is a good brand ambassador for a national liquor brand conducting an in-store campaign, may be completely ineffective, or even detrimental when working at a local harvest festival, where a small food producer is offering samples to potential customers. The key is to have an appreciation for not only the product you are selling, but also the local market – and this intelligence is what we bring to our clients.
We don’t just work in Arizona, or Florida, or California – we work nationally, with diverse brands, from retail brands to energy drinks, and have an appreciation for localised demographics and how to best interact with them.


Even when you have an established marketing team, with a clear understanding of your ideal buyer, it may not apply in a local area that you don’t have market intelligence in. Well-meaning marketers have created great campaigns which have failed in certain areas due to a lack of local understanding. We live in a big country, with a diverse population, each state and each town has its intricacies and it’s important to be considerate when planning a campaign.

This is the importance of our diverse database, we drill down based on specific criteria that we work on with our clients – if we are sending team members to a music festival, we may (depending on the type of festival) prioritise an appreciation for the specific music, confidence when dealing with celebrities, or experience in working long and challenging shifts. These brand ambassadors – who are undoubtedly talented and capable, may be entirely unsuitable for a formal function hosted in a convention centre by a local supplier of fine foods.

In the end, a good campaign is a well-planned one and the first step is to appreciate and create empathy for the demographic you’ll be targeting, the local area and the subtleties of dealing with diverse groups of consumers.


VIP Nation and PUSH Agency Rock Out on the Guns ‘N Roses Tour

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group-1 Going to a Guns N’ Roses concert is one of those incredible experiences that’s hard to improve on, unless you book through our client, vipnation.com.

VIP Nation takes seeing one of the greatest live acts of all time, and throws in entry to a VIP lounge, priority access and the opportunity to get a photo taken on stage. It’s like a chocolate cake with chocolate chips covered in chocolate icing, inside a chocolate house.


When VIP Nation started looking for experienced concierges to assist guests and add to the experience, they knew just where to go. In various cities including Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Orleans and Orlando, PUSH Brand Ambassadors had the arduous task of hanging out with concertgoers, and watching Guns N’ Roses. Because of this challenging trade-off between having fun and working, combined with the likelihood of coming into contact with rock stars, we needed to find levelheaded, experienced and effective brand ambassadors. Luckily, the clever people who designed our database, knew that we needed to know more than what someone look like – we need to understand their motivations, how they behaved, and details about their previous experience. As a result we identified over 60 incredible brand ambassadors who were pumped to be part of such an incredible event.

They understood that this was not only a fun job, but also a lot of responsibility – as the face of VIP, PUSH talent had to make sure that this was a night to remember, not only for the concert but also for the experience, before during and after. The team took this responsibility seriously, and based on feedback from the client, attendees, and our team of experienced booking agents,​ the models more than surpassed expectation.

Most importantly, the concert was a huge success and Axl, Slash and Duff have still got it!

PUSH Helps Ignite the Target Center Torchlight Run

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Curate bars are non-gmo, gluten free, have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, but most importantly they’re super delicious. With epic flavours like strawberry & pistachio, and balsamic fig & hazelnut – that one really shouldn’t work but it’s amazing – they are a healthy and tasty alternative to snacking.

Curate asked us to send 12 fun and enthusiastic brand ambassadors to Minneapolis to hand out bars at the Target Center Torchlight Run. First, we wanted to know if we had to do the run, and we were assured that the fastest we’d have to move would be a brisk walk. Perfect, let’s do this.


It’s a tough ask –  handing out delicious and nutritious bars to starving athletes after a strenuous run, but Curate wanted people that would match their brand – passionate and interesting. We found 12 people on our massive database that fitted the bill perfectly, and on the night of the run, surrounded by a sea of sweaty humanity, our team was hard at work making sure that everyone was getting a taste of Curate’s unique combinations.

Handing out a few bars to people forming an orderly line isn’t hard, but there is nothing orderly at the end of the race. It started off easy – the super-fast and/or super ambitious crossed the line at unthinkable speeds and ate their bars just as quickly. Then the chaos began as the majority of runners finished the race at around the same time and our 12 ambassadors were put to the test. Adding to the insanity, was that the Target Center Torchlight Run, is also a massive party, which happens to start with a run, so there was a celebratory atmosphere even before the run was complete.


Somehow, over 6000 Curate bars were given out in a single day, and special mention needs to go to Melo who, as the team leader managed to make an excellent team even better through exceptional organisational skills. As the client put it, “…the team lead did a great job motivating everyone.”

Nickie  and Chris also showed superhuman abilities and received high praise from the client.

6000 bars, a successful event and are delighted client. From all accounts, a great success and reports also speak of a brilliant party afterwards.

PUSH Agency presents How To Create An Effective In-Store Liquor Promotion

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PUSH in-store liquor promotions are a cost-effective and powerful tool for increasing brand recognition and gaining market share. They are a logical tack-on to your social media initiatives and can aid in fast tracking your overall marketing strategy.

But what makes our promotions effective, isn’t just the fact that we have the best talent – it’s that we know the difference between a well-run promotion with tangible outcomes, and someone handing out free drinks in a shop.


The first thing to consider, is what are you trying to achieve from the sampling? This will form the basis of in-store behaviours, such as the size of the sample, who gets a free sample and the type of interaction the model will have with customers.

Speaking of which, understanding your brand is critical for us to be able to find the right brand ambassador for you. We find models who reflect your brand’s message – classy and elegant, fun and upbeat or maybe young and energetic. As you know, poorly aligned brand messaging can make any marketing initiative fall on its face, and the same applies to in-store promotions. We screen our models, based not only on experience and presentation, but also on their understanding of your brand and ability to effectively represent it.


Legalities are another important component. Many states have restrictive laws around samplings and in such cases, we create what is known as a ‘dry sampling,’ where the model will engage with customers using other tactics, perhaps describing the taste or discussing specific ingredients. Again, being reflective of your brand’s values is critical in these conversations. Contact us to learn more about the legal requirements for your particular state.

From a logistical standpoint, we work with clients to assist in getting the samples to the store, or purchasing them from the location (it’s important that the store manager is involved in this respect,) and ensuring that any unforeseen circumstances have little impact on the promotion itself. Our in-house team will tick every box, and be available reactively, both to the model and yourself as needs be.


Finally, without effective measurement, you have no way of understanding the impact of the promotion. We use detailed reports to present you with information as diverse as foot traffic, sampling amounts and customer feedback. Combined with store sales results, you will have a detailed understanding of campaign results and hopefully gain some insights that you can apply to other areas of your marketing strategy.

Most importantly, with extensive experience, we can bring all this together in a seamless fashion. You can rely on PUSH to handle the details and represent your business authentically.

Ain’t No Party Like a Plus Consulting KISS Party

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kiss-1 It was a normal Tuesday in the PUSH offices, we were lounging on beanbags, painting each other’s faces and listening to KISS’s anthem ’All Night Long,’ when our client, Plus Consulting dared to turn the music down…but only for a moment, to tell us that they needed talent for their annual company party.

KISS themed….rock on…all night long.

When the excitement subsided, we realised this challenge may be bigger than we thought. Finding four brand ambassadors, who take pride in their appearance, to not only don a full costume, but have their faces painted entirely in black and white, could be an uphill battle. Sure, we’ve got the biggest database in North America, but were we were ‘KISS ready?’

Yes…yes we are. Kayla R, Nicole B, Sydney D and Ashley S all leapt at the chance. Evidently, the brief was appealing – get dressed up like the band, hang out at an awesome party and have photos taken with attendees. But this wasn’t all they did, as Kelli Miller, Marketing Manager at Plus Consulting told us.


“They were wonderful. They were polite and social, and did everything I requested, encouraging photographs and helping to move people from room to room. Please thank them all again for me. I will definitely be calling for future events!”

When we asked the ambassadors for their feedback, we asked them to include clever references to KISS songs, but it end up that’s tricky – unless the event was held in Detroit Rock City, or someone had been drinking Cold Gin.

“It was a really fun event!! Everyone loved it” –Sydney D.

“I CAN’T WAIT for next year!” –Kayla R.

When 154 Ambassadors are needed for the PGA, PUSH Answers the Call!

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The phone rang and the conversation went something like this –

“Hi, does PUSH staff national tours?”

“Yes we do, how are you?”

“Great, thanks. Also we need 154 awesome, talented and articulate brand ambassadors to work at six PGA Tour events over the next five months.”

“No problems, anything else?”

“Yeah, they will be bartending and serving, so there will need to have experience doing that, and also don’t forget it’s the PGA, who are transcendent of sport, so if they could be transcendent of something that will be useful to.”

We were scribbling furiously. “Okay, so you’re after 154 transcendent, epic people to represent one of the most important sporting brands that has ever existed?”

“Yes please.”

Its moments like this, that we show gratitude to our software programming team, rather than our usual disdain and confusion. They have created a system that allows us to quickly and effectively screen relevant and experienced talent using web and mobile. This saves heaps of time when trying to find five models for a local event, but when you need 154 people with specific talents, for events scattered across two states, it makes us one of the only businesses capable of doing it well.

If you’ve ever been to a PGA event, you’ll know that the devil is in the detail, the PGA Event Management Team, in partnership with our client, expects nothing less than perfection, from presentation through to client interaction and everything in between. As a result, we took our existing, rigorous screening processes to the next level. Every single person working at these events would be representing the PGA and our client – it was a responsibility we did not take lightly. We found the very best of the very best, made sure they were a fit for the brands, and told them to go and have fun – because hey, if they are having fun then so are the attendees.

A key part of our role was to increase sales across a number of premium brands at the event, including Grey Goose, Budweiser, Captain Morgan, and Arnold Palmer. While the numbers were incredible (drink sales went through the roof,) what was even better, was the amount of people having fun interacting with PUSH models in the bars and hospitality tents scattered around the courses. In the end, part of a PGA event, is that it’s an incredible day out – and our team helped contribute to that.

The event didn’t go off without a hitch – in engagements of this size there are are always challenges – but our team was cool and collected, and neither the clients nor attendees saw anything except a well oiled machine, and comments from our models reminded us why people love working for PUSH –

“This event was a blast!”

“It was such a pleasure to be a part of something so big!”

“I met so many people and had a great time.”

“Can’t wait to do this again next year!”