PUSH Models Help Nintendo Launch a 3-D Revolution

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Drawing almost as much attention as their brand new 3-D handheld system, the sheer amount of eye-catching brand ambassadors provided by PUSH Models were the talk of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Nintendo’s near miraculous technological feat combined with a presentation featuring stunning promo models made the 2010 E3 an epic win for the rapidly expanding event staffing agency.

Nintendo contracted PUSH to hire and train all their booth models for E3. This was no easy task, only one person within the Nintendo convention staff was informed as to what the company was set to unveil. The top-secret project, the Nintendo 3DS, was revealed to the PUSH Models event staff less than 24 hours before it’s presentation in front of thousands of E3 attendees. PUSH successfully versed models in the use of the never-before-seen system along with new games and peripherals for the game maker’s other entertainment consoles.

We couldn’t have been happier with the results and by the looks generated by many male attendees, they too were in awe of our tech-savvy eye-candy. Our combined event management campaign with Nintendo even generated front page coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

You can learn even more about our company and read case studies for other clients at PUSHmodels.com; if your business is looking for promo models drop us a line at: submissions@pushmodels.com

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  1. My name is Joanne and I was one of the Promotional Models at the E3 Expo and Nintendo promo. Let me start off with staying… this event was soooo much fun! Not only did I make great money but the other trade show models I worked with were some of the coolest girls.. I am sure I will remain friends with them for years to come. We even got to keep our uniforms. In short, I have worked with a LOT of event staffing companies doing bar promotions, Liquor promotions, trade shows, special events and PUSH MODELS is definitely top 1 or 2! I recommend them to all my friends and will continue to do so.



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