Promotional Staffing or Modelling Talent – How to Make the Right Decision

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Promotional Staffing at an event

Promotional staffing as a marketing strategy is often confused with hiring models. Neither of these is better or worse than the other, but it’s when the tactics are badly aligned, that the strategy doesn’t work.

Promotional staffing is hiring people who represent your brand to carry out a specific task, usually directly engaging with the public. This could be an in-store giveaway, a street promotion, VIP entertainment, or serving a specific purpose as part of a larger event. Promotional talent is not only well presented but also understands your products and can relate easily to your target market. An example of this is our work at CES with LG (hyperlink) where we needed promotional talent that had an understanding of cutting-edge technology and could easily learn and describe it to sophisticated members of the public.

Models are well polished and immaculately presented individuals who have been trained in specific areas related to their industry – catwalk, fashion, underwear and so on. Fashion brands often hire modelling talent, as do businesses who are running presentations or, “hands off,” events, with no product knowledge required. The reason for this is that promotional staffing professionals expect that they will be required to learn about the product, and modelling talent does not. In other words, models are trained – and worked very hard on – a specific group of specific areas within the modelling discipline, and promotional staffing talent focuses on more esoteric strengths, such as product knowledge and public interaction.

The reason for this distinction is that to ensure the success of your event, consider the level of interaction required with the public, and whether you should look for a promotional staffing solution, or hire models. At PUSH, our promotional staffing database is packed with both, so if you would like to discuss your next event, we would be happy to assist you in determining whether promotional staffing or specialist models are your best option.

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