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At PUSH, we work with models in Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York and Cleveland. As a non-traditional modeling agency focused on finding the widest range of talent for promotions in North America, we have to be flexible. But when your job is to find the best talent, across such a wide and diverse populace, how does PUSH Agency create a predictable result for clients?

Traditional modeling agencies in Las Angles, Phoenix, San Diego, or wherever, focus on finding the right talent for a particular function. That may be catwalk modeling, photo shoots, lingerie modeling or catalogue work. They learn what experience the model has had, take their measurements and add them to their book.

At PUSH Agency, we don’t take the granted that someone will either be good at a certain task, or bad at it because they haven’t done it before. For example, one of our brand ambassadors may have a particular skill set, but one that can be moved into another area also. They may be talented event ambassadors – excellent at liaising with VIPs and comfortable and a high-stress environment, all skills that would work well at a cocktail event for senior industry executives or politicians.

Our database, the largest talent database in North America, is designed to identify geographical opportunities, but also skill set crossovers that may be useful to us, our clients and obviously beneficial to our brand ambassadors. Through this, we have been able to discover hidden talents, and make the most of models that wouldn’t always get opportunities, simply because they didn’t feel they have the required skills.

Through not buying into industry norms, and striving to create the best possible outcome for our clients, not just tick boxes, we have been able to create consistent and duplicatable outcomes in Los Angeles, New York and… well, pretty much everywhere.

Does it always go perfectly? No of course not, but we consider ourselves to be the hardest working modeling agency, brand ambassador and event marketing business in America and are focused on our client’s outcomes, not our industry’s problems.


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